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First Offense Second Offense Third Offense Fourth Offense Final Offense
Spamming the Chat Window 1 1 day ban 3 day ban 7 day ban 15 day ban Permanent Ban
Player Harassment 2 7 day ban 15 day ban Permanent Ban
Profanity, Offensive, or Abusive Language 3 day ban 7 day ban 15 day ban 30 day ban Permanent Ban
Whisper Spam 3 3 day ban 7 day ban 15 day ban 30 day ban Permanent Ban
Whisper Spam with intent to deceive 4 Permanent Ban
Communicating with a GM using rude language or spamming messages 5 GM Discretion
Posting or advertising 3rd party websites or private servers Permanent Ban
Illegal Character Name 6 Permanent Ban
Law Violation 7 Permanent Ban
Requesting or attempting to obtain account information from another player Permanent Ban
Unauthorized account access including but not limited to theft, hacking, or otherwise Permanent Ban
Possession of any bugged, hacked, illegal, duplicated or stolen item Suspicious items/coins will be deleted, and account may be banned. This includes accounts that have transferred items during investigations.
Duplication of in-game items Items will be deleted and account will be permanently banned.
Usage of a shared or transferred account Revocation of all customer support privileges
Game interference or gameplay disturbance 8 15 day ban 30 day ban Permanent Ban
Bug Abuse GM Discretion
NPT Abuse 9 Permanent Ban
Illegal gain of Nation Points Removal of Nation Points & temporary ban of GM discretion Permanent Ban
Gold Farming (Solo or party) via 3rd Party Tools Permanent Ban
Individual usage of bots, hacks or 3rd party tools 10 Discipline Dungeon Permanent Ban
Usage of bots, hacks or 3rd party tools while in a party or a clan Permanent Ban. Participating members can also be banned or placed in the Discipline Dungeon according to GM discretion
Participation in a clan with illegally gained Nation Points Clan dismissal and violators can be permanently banned
Illegal clan name or logo 11 Clan dismissal and leader will be permanently banned
Inappropriate King Notice 12 Warning 3 day ban 7 day ban Permanent Ban
Payment fraud 13 Permanent Ban
Illegal Gold Distribution 14 Account may be permanently banned or illegally transferred Noah may be removed based on GM discretion.

Please note that all policies are subject to change, and penalties can be increased or decreased based on the GM's discretion.


  • 1. Posting of multiple chat/shout lines in succession including usage of bots, macros and copy/pasting.
  • 2. Including, but not limited to taunting and stalking.
  • 3. Same as chat window.
  • 4. Using whisper feature to coerce players into leaving the game for any reason.
  • 5. GM's are here to help. If you spot them in-game and you have a request, please be patient and courteous.
  • 6. Including, but not limited to profanity/offensive language (masked or otherwise), staff impersonation, copyright violation, or impersonating other players.
  • 7. If you can be cited, fined or arrested for it, regardless of jurisdiction, it's not allowed.
  • 8. Including, but not limited to luring mobs to safe zones and EXP parties, and abuse of trade, clan, and party request features.
  • 9. For example.
  • 10. Including, but not limited to usage of programs outside of the game client for in-game benefit and game file modification.
  • 11. Including, but not limited to profanity/offensive language or images (masked or otherwise), vulgarities, impersonation (staff or player), or copyright violation.
  • 12. King notices must be in either English or Turkish and cannot contain any advertisements. These notices must be appropriate within the game rules and policies and may not contain any harassment, political or religious content.
  • 13. Purchases made in-game and via the payment gateway are final. Chargebacks will result in the termination of your account.
  • 14. The transfer of in-game coins for real world currency. This rule is applicable to forums and sales venues outside of NTTGame/Knight Online sanctioned sites, forums and games.