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Head to Lunar Valley and wage war against the opposing nation. If your nation is victorious, you can invade the defeated nation! Players above level 30 may participate.
An exciting Capture-The-Flag event! Teams of 8 are balanced according to stats and level. Cooperation among your team is a must to be victorious! For players level 20 - 80.
How to Participate

Time Action Description
Deathmatch Preparation
Castellan Preparation
Castellan War
End of War
10 minutes to prepare for Deathmatch.
Deathmatch begins.
10 minutes to prepare for Castellan.
Castellan War begins
End of Castle Siege War

Deathmatch: Registration
  1. Only clan leaders and vice commanders can register.
  2. Any clan above Elite Knightage (Accredited Knights) Grade 5 can register. The registration fee is 100,000,000 Noah.
  3. Registration is limited to the first 30 clans who sign up.
  4. Registration period starts from the end of Castle Siege War until 2 hours before Clan Deathmatch.

[CSW Manager] NPC Aaron – Moradon
  1. Eligible clans can register by NPC Aaron - Moradon
  2. If no clans register for Clan Deathmatch, CSW will not take place during that week.
  3. If there is only one clan registered for Clan Deathmatch, that clan will be moved to Delos and CSW will begin directly.
  4. If Clan Deathmatch happens to end early, CSW will begin on time.
  5. Players can view the participant clan list at NPC [CSW Manager] Aaron
NPC Aaron – Moradon

  1. Only 16 players can participate on behalf of each clan.
  2. Barracks can be deployed by Clan Commander or Vice Commander using "/base" command.
  3. Clans that did not deploy their barracks during the preparation period will be kicked out of Delos when Deathmatch begins.
  4. You cannot deploy your barrack next to objects on the map.
  5. Death Match
  6. Barracks can only be damaged by basic attacks.
  7. Each basic attack deals 1 damage to the Barracks. When a Barrack’s HP reaches 0, it is destroyed.
  8. If clan’s barracks gets destroyed, clan members are sent to Moradon and cannot return to Delos.
  9. Strengthening skills can be used for clan members during the preparation period.
  10. You cannot attack your enemies during the preparation period.
  11. Players will lose NP when killed by enemies. NP loss will be the same as Ronark Land.
  12. Conversely NP can be gained by killing enemies. NP gains will be the same as Ronark Land.
  13. Ladder Points can also be earned by killing enemies.
  14. The clan that destroys the barracks gets 1 point on “Barracks” tab.
  15. Characters that destroy or attack barracks will receive Nation Points.
  16. Players will respawn at his/her barracks.
  17. /town command will spawn you near your barracks.
  18. The barracks area of the Delos map are contained within the following coordinates: Lower Left [323, 360], Lower Right [711, 360], Upper Left [323, 615], Upper Right [711, 615].
  19. Death Match
  20. Clan Deathmatch lasts 30 minutes.
  21. At the end of the Deathmatch, the top 3 clans will proceed to Castellan War even if their barracks have been destroyed.
  22. If the number of destroyed barracks are the same on each side, the winner is selected based on the number of kills.
  23. If the number of destroyed barracks and kills are the same, the clan who registered to Clan Deathmatch first will win.
  24. The top 5 clans in the Deathmatch will be rewarded with a Siege War Reward Chest and New Cape Voucher.
  25. Players who exit the game during the Clan Deathmatch will not receive the reward.
  26. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail to ranked clans.
  27. Death Match

Deathmatch Rewards
  1. New Cape Voucher (7 Days) / Siege War Reward Chest
  2. New Cape Voucher (7 Days) / Siege War Reward Chest
  3. Siege War Reward Chest
  4. Siege War Reward Chest
  5. Siege War Reward Chest

  6. New Cape Voucher

    Siege War Reward Chest
  1. New Cape Voucher (7 days) will be sent directly to clan commander’s mailbox.
  2. If allied clan wins the New Cape Voucher (7 days), it will also be sent directly to the commander of the main clan.
  3. New Cape Voucher Item can be exchanged at the Cape Merchant NPC.
  4. Death Match

Siege War Reward Chest

Rewards can be exchanged with NPC [CSW Manager] Aaron in Moradon. Here is the list of items that you can get from the Siege War Reward Chest. Death Match

Castellan War
  1. The top 3 clans from Deathmatch will be eligible to join Castellan War.
  2. Clans can join Castellan War with 50 of their members.
  3. The clan which holds the Center Artifact at the end of the war will become the Lord of the Castellan.
  4. The Center Artifact will be constantly renewed during the siege war.
    1. If clan A breaks the Center Artifact, they will own the Center Artifact
    2. If clan B breaks the Center Artifact, Clan B gets the Center Artifact from Clan A
    3. Final owner of the Center Artifact will be the winner of Castellan War
  5. When the Center Artifact broken, the owner clan will remain in the castle and attacking clans will be sent back to town.
  6. Defenders may use Siege transform any where or any time.
  7. Attackers can use Siege transform from 100 meters away.
  8. Owners of the Center Artifact can move into the castle by using the "/town" command. The attacking clans will be moved back to the Safety Zone.
  9. There is no penalty upon death while in Siege, such as loss of XP, NP or Noah.
  10. Castellan owner clan members can not enter Delos during Deathmatch.
  11. Castellan owner clan members can enter Delos once the Castellan War preparation period has begun.
  12. Moradon and Delos taxes can be adjusted by the Castellan owner clan’s leader through NPC [Castle Manager] Captain Hugo.
  13. Castellan owner can adjust the tax rate between 0~20%.
  14. Castellan owner can pick up stored Noah from [Castle Manager] Captain Hugo at Delos.