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20 December
  • 2016 Winter Holiday Events!
  • Count : 8511

Hail Knights!
The Winter Holidays have arrived to Knight Online with 4 new missions for you to take part in this cold chilly weather in Knight Online! Make sure to gear yourself with warm equipment and get ready to complete these exclusive winter missions to win rewards!

Winter Holiday – Event 1

Santa Claus has lost all the presents he was going to give all Knights of the Adonis continent!
It is up to you Knights to help him and save all the Knights from being left without a gift!
Collect Santa's Gifts
Event Hunt
Santa Claus
Hunting similar level monsters will drop Winter Holiday Gift (5% drop rate)
‘Winter Holiday Gift' item can be exchanged with rewards from NPC Santa Clause
Gifts Reward Qty Note
5 Jewel of Experience 3 EXP increase by 10% 30min
5 Jewel of Defense 3 Defense increase by 25 30min
5 Jewel of Life 3 HP increased by 250 by 30 min
5 Jewel of Contribution 3 Nation Point increased by 4 for 30min
20 Winter Holiday Accessory 1 2 Types (50% Random)
40 10 Snowballs 1 Winter Holiday Star
50 Magic Bag (7 Days) 1 -
60 Blue Alencia Wing (7 Days) 1 -
100 12th Anniversary Emblem 1 -
  • All reward items are non-tradable
  • ‘Twinkling Star Glitter' is Crafting material for Winter Holiday Star Minerva.
  • Winter Holiday Star
Crafted Item Requirement Overview
Bronze Star 10 Snowball No Option
Silver Star 20 Snowball Additional damage to mobs + 1%
Golden Star 30 Snowball Additional damage to mobs + 3%
  • Winter Holiday Accessory Stats
Fire Ice Light Poison Spell Curse
Cross 10 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Belt 10 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Winter Holiday – Event 2

The monsters in the Adonis continent have corrupted the living Winter Holiday Tree!
This once lovely tree has turned into a spooky nightmare for all citizens of the Adonis Continent!
Help us by defeating the Cursed Winter Holiday Tree for a chance to win rewards!
Winter Holiday Tree Nightmare
Event Hunt NPC Santa Claus Type Repeatable

Cursed Winter Holiday Tree' spawns in Ronark Land every 8 hours
Cursed Winter Holiday Tree' has HP: 5,000,000 / Attack: 4950 / HP Recovery: 5000 and uses AoE spell.
HP : 5,000,000
Attack : 4950
AoE spell
Players don't lose EXP from killed by this monster. However, players cannot receive EXP and drops while dead.

When ‘Cursed Winter Holiday Tree' is killed, nearby players receive EXP and ‘Blue Treasure Chest'
Player who kills ‘Cursed Winter Holiday Tree' by last hit will receive ‘12th Anniversary Emblem'

Winter Holiday – Event 3

These Spooky Red Chickens have been spawning this holiday season. Some say these Red Chickens are the ones that have been corrupting the Winter Holiday Tree so we need you to obliterate their existence so everyone can celebrate the Winter Holiday Season in the Adonis Continent!
Kill the Red Chicken!
Event Hunt NPC [Lunar Lady] Magpie Type One time

7 ‘Red Chickens' will be spawned (HP 300, Fixed damage 10, Respawn time 30sec)
Red Chicken' drops ‘Red Chicken Feather' by 5% chance and ‘Red Chicken Meat' by 25% chance
10 ‘Red Chicken Feather' can be exchanged with ‘Red Amulet' from [Lunar Lady] Magpie
Red Chicken Meat' grants 300HP, 300MP increase for 6 minutes. (Effect can be stackable with other buff items) Effect disappears when player move to different stage or logoff from the game.

Red Amulet Stats
Fire Ice Ligt Pois Spel Curs
7 17 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
‘Red Amulet' is a non-tradable item

Winter Holiday – Event 4

Our Lunar Lady Magpie has been interested in these Red Chicken Feathers, I think she's trying to make a dress out of their feathers! She is looking for Knights interested in helping her obtain Red Chicken Feathers and it seems she's giving away some great festive rewards!
Feels like a Winter Holiday
Event Hunt NPC [Lunar Lady] Magpie Type Daily Quest

Collect 7 x ‘Red Chicken Feather' by killing ‘Red Chicken' and [Lunar Lady] Magpie will exchange items with one of the
items from the below list.

Collect 7 x ‘Red Chicken Feather' by killing ‘Red Chicken' and [Lunar Lady] Magpie will exchange with ‘Santa Hat' Minerva item. (Stat: Defense +20, 4 Hours)

Candy Weapons: Non-tradable, Transformation Scrolls: Tradable
Rate Item Qty Note
6% Sexy Santa Transformation Scroll 1 Tradable
5% Sexy Santa Pet Transformation 1 Tradable
16% Snowman Nunu 1 Tradable
16% Snowman Theo 1 Tradable
16% Snowman Titi 1 Tradable
16% Snowman Poroom 1 Tradable
5% Candy Priest Mace (+1) 1 Non-Tradable, Rare Item
5% Candy Two-handed Sword (+1) 1 Non-Tradable, Rare Item
5% Candy Bow (+1) 1 Non-Tradable, Rare Item
5% Candy Dagger (+1) 1 Non-Tradable, Rare Item
5% Candy Staff (+1) 1 Non-Tradable, Rare Item

Winter Holiday Rare Candy Weapon Stats
Item Attack Speed Durability Effect Req. Stats
Candy Priest Mace (+1) 66 Normal 10000 MP Rec. 10 STR 106 / INT 162
Candy Two-handed Sword (+1) 112 Slow 5000 MP Rec. 10 STR 166
Candy Bow (+1) 84 Slow 5000 MP Rec. 10 DEX 130
Candy Dagger (+1) 61 Fast 6000 MP Rec. 10 MP Rec. 10
Candy Staff (+1) 77 Very Slow 5000 MP Rec. 10 INT 146 / SP 98

Winter Holiday – Bonus Event!

For a limited time it seems that the Potion Merchants are selling exclusive items in celebration of the Winter Holiday!
Ibexs / Crisis Potion Sales
Event Bonus Event NPC Potion Merchant Type Limited Sale

[Price] Ibexs: 14,000 Noah (DC 11,000 Noah) / Crisis: 21,000 Noah (DC 16,000 Noah)

Event Duration: 2016-12-21~ 2017-01-18