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10 April
  • Easter Egg-citement Events!
  • Count : 1586

Hail Knights!
Eggciting news for us all! The Easter Extravaganza event is happening during April as well!

The Easter Rooster Arrives once again!
Our very own Easter Rooster is back in front of El Morad and Luferson Castle every 8 hours during the Easter event! Once he is killed, it will drop 5 Easter eggs and give EXP blessings to players nearby!

EXP Jackpot!
Hunting monsters has now become an ever greater adventure! You'll have the chance to receive a random amount of bonus EXP from killing monsters!

Nation Point Bonus!
The spoils of war just got sweeter. Now you can earn extra Nation Points for enemy kills in battle!

These events will start on 04/11/2017 ~ 05/09/2017

Happy Easter!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team