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28 February
  • St. Patrick's Pot-O-Mystery!
  • Count : 1456

Hail Knights!
March is in full swing bringing you the special event St. Patrick's Pot-O-Mystery with incredible prizes all month long!
During every upcoming maintenance we'll be selecting the lucky winners who will take home one of 4 Pot-O-Mystery crates and we'll also have a total of 3 MEGA POT-O-MYSTERY CRATES to give away during the dates listed below.

What's in the boxes?? TELL ME! TELL ME NOW!
Well Knights! It wouldn't be a mystery if we told you right? But within some of the crates you'll be able to obtain some Power Up Store items and unique EVENT EXCLUSIVE items that you won't be able to find anywhere else!

- Week 1 = 03/01/2018 ~ 03/11/2018
[WINNER = VenoMDagger - CYPHER]
[PRIZE = Spirit of Genie + Speed Potion + Spirit of Shining Tree Mask]

- Week 2 = 03/12/2018 ~ 03/18/2018
[WINNERS = MiniCrate - ImmortalOzA - Hellsgarem | MegaCrate - MuammerKaddafi - Cypher]

[PRIZES = MiniCrate - Premium HP Potion + Premium MP Potion + MGame Cat Staff | Mega Crate = Lantern Item + Red Alencia Wings (30 Days) + Pathos Package]

- Week 3 = 03/19/2018 ~ 03/25/2018
[WINNERS = MiniCrate - amego - Cypher | MegaCrate - DeathClawS - Pathos]
[PRIZES = MiniCrate - Oreads Voucher (7 Days) + Scroll of Armor 350 + Lunar Tattoo (15 Days) + Big Fan | Mega Crate = Blue Bouquet + Floral Shield + Minerva Package + Trina's Piece]

- Week 4 = 03/26/2018 ~ 03/31/2018
[WINNERS = Minicrate - Nessaja - Cypher | MegaCrate - TheLionsGates - Hellsgarem]
[PRIZES = MiniCrate - Monster Summon Staff x1, Voucher For Automatic Pet Looting 30Days, Lunar Tattoo 30 Days, Bunny Pet Transformation Scroll | Mega Crate = Hellfire Dragon Wings 180 Days, Hellfire Pet Scroll, Monster Summon Staff x5, Solar Tattoo 30 Days]

Any purchase made within our PUS Store will grant you an entry to obtain one of these Mystery Crates. The more transactions you do in our PUS the higher your chances to win as the names will be duplicated in the list that will be added into a randomizer software in order to obtain our random winners! Every winner will be announced in the dates mentioned above and rewarded accordingly!

Pro-tip: Knights will obtain x2 entries from purchases made on Tuesdays and Wednesdays known as DOUBLE DAYS We'll duplicate the entries made on those days!

Please Note
Due to randomizing user sensitive data we will be unable to conduct a live drawing, winners will be announced during our maintenance hours within this announcement.
Winners who have earned one Mystery Crate will not be able to win once again in order to gain assorted winners for this event.
If you made a purchase on March 1st you are already entered to win!
Please be aware that multiple purchases does not guarantee a win, it will just increase your chances to win.
Every weekend during the month of March we will be activating an EXP Jackpot event that all Knights will be able to benefit from, so get your Knight Online setup ready to play during the whole weekend!

Happy Hunting Knights!

NTTGame || Knight Online Staff