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28 February
  • Count : 1474

Hail Knights!
Welcome to our Knight Online's Talent Show competition!
Bringing all Knights together to host a series of talent shows for those Knights who are in the shadows and are looking forward to show their skills for some UNIQUE....AMAZING...INCREDIBLE...ONLY IN THIS EVENT...PRIZES!
We will be hosting several Talent shows throughout this year, however this month's talent show will be all about MUSIC!
Interested yet? Just wait until you see the prizes!

Start Date: 03/05/2018
End Date: 03/28/2018
Winners Announcement: 03/30/2018 [A whole broadcast dedicated to the best submissions provided]
[Note: The fan favorite reward will be selected by the community during our broadcast]

***UPDATE 3/30: The broadcast for 3/30 will be cancelled due to an insufficient number of entries for this contest.***

All Knight online players are invited to create their own video showcasing an original music piece OR music montage/mashup related to Knight Online!
- Create a music video for Knight Online
- Compose your own single for Knight Online!
- Mashup music for an epic battle scene!
- Anything music oriented that you can use displaying Knight Online qualities is allowed!

- How skillfully your talent has been executed
- How well you hid all the User Interface if making a video in-game
- How creative you've been with your submission
- How compelling or entertaining your submission is

- Any work submitted MUST be original and solely created by the participant
- Only ONE submission is allowed per account
- Montages MUST follow all legal guidelines of fair use standards.
- The event may be postponed or cancelled if the event contains less than 10 eligible entires that do not meet our criteria.
- The submission MUST be posted on our Discord within the Special Channel created [CLICK HERE]
- If making in-game videos, we recommend you hide the interface for a better appreciation of the content created
- No explicit material, [NSFW, swearing, racist slurs, etc.] are permitted within the submission
- We will ONLY honor 1 prize per account, multiple submissions will not grant multiple rewards.

1st Place = 5,000KC + Knight Online T-Shirt + Knight Online Customized Military Tag + 30 Day Switching Premium + Bifrost Event Weapon [EXCLUSIVE!]
2nd Place = 2,500KC + Ibex or Crisis Pet Scroll + 15 Day Switching Premium + Bifrost Event Weapon [EXCLUSIVE!]
3rd Place = 1,200KC + 7 Day Switching Premium + Bifrost Event Weapon [EXCLUSIVE!]
Fan Favorite Prize: Minerva Package + Pathos Package + Monster Summon Staff x1

Good luck Knights! May the best submission win!

NTTGame || Knight Online Staff