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10 July
  • New Mighty Companions & Store Items!
  • Count : 1643

Hail Knights!
We are pleased to announce that we have updated our Power Up Store with brand new items for you to acquire!
We have made available 5 brand new items you will be able to add to your collection!
These items will be available for a limited time, so act fast before they go away!

AVAILABILITY: 07/10/2018 ~ 08/07/2018

- Nereids Voucher - 199 KC
- War Tattoo 30 Days - 299 KC
- Pidama Pet Transformation Scroll - 699 KC
- Bunevelys Pet Transformation Scroll - 499 KC
- Astarod Pet Transformation Scroll - 499 KC

Give your pet that look you've always wanted to by converting them into mighty UTC monsters!
See you in the Adonis Continent!