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29 August
  • The Solar God's Harvest
  • Count : 4013

Hail Knights!
The Solar God is pleased with the progress of the Adonis Continent and has
brought several events to the continent for all Knights to enjoy during this
Solar God's Harvest season.

Date of the Event: 08/29/2018 ~ 10/10/2018

Solar God's Harvest Activities
- Overly Blessed Plant Quest
- Blessing of the Solar God Quest
- Veteran User Title Reward
- 1+1 Level Up Event
- Ibex & Crisis Potion + Hellfire Dragon Wings Available!

The Overly Blessed Plant Quest

This quest will be accessible via 'NPC' Magpie during our 14th Anniversary!
Complete these quests for a chance at earning great prizes for helping Magpie!

- Head over to Magpie in Moradon
- Destroy the Overly Blessed Plants that spawn in Moradon, El Morad and Luferson Castle!
- Collect the drops! Banana-flavored Sweet Potato, Apple-flavored tomato, Orange-flavored Onions
- If you exchange 10 'Orange-flavored Onions' with Magpie you will have a chance at earning these rewards!

- Duration Item x10
- Genie Hammer x10
- Ascent Scroll x3
- Magic Bag (3 Days) x1
- Speed+ Potion x3
- Hellfire Dragon Wings (3 Days) x1
- Oreads Voucher (3 Days) x1
- [VIP] Vault Key (3 Days) x1

Note: This quest can only be completed once.

Blessing of the Solar God Quest

During our Anniversary the [VIP Manager] Julianne is looking for a special 'Solar Light' item that
seems to be dropping by defeating opposing nation members and monsters above your level at a random chance!

- Defeat monsters and/or enemy nation users to obtain 'Solar Lights'
- Obtaining x10 'Solar Lights' and turning them in to Julianne will grant you rewards!

[Note: You can use the 'Solar Light' to obtain a +4 NP boost for 3 minutes (Non-stackable). If you die or move to other zones the effect will vanish]

- Monster Stone
- Weapon Enchant Scroll
- Armor Enchant Scroll
- Magic Bag (7 Days)
- Solar Ring [+10 DEF, +50 MP, +20 Fire Resist, +20 Curse Resist]
- Rabbit Pet Transformation Scroll
- Knight Online 14th Anniversary Emblem (15 Days)
- Solar Tattoo (7 Days)

- Knight Online 14th Anniversary Emblem contains +50 DEF, +20% EXP, +300 Weight, +2 NP
- Solar Ring has similar options as Silver Ring but cannot be upgraded.
- Collectible items such as Solar Lights and Overly Blessed Plant buffs will be removed at the end of the event]

- Unfortunately due to high demand, you can only exchange a reward once a day during the event period.

Veteran User Title Rewards

Have you been playing Knight Online for so long you can't even remember how long has it been?
We got you covered with brand new Titles that will show all players how awesome you are for playing Knight Online for so long already!

Nothing! Our system will look into your account creation and reward you with the title according to the years of service as a Knight within the Adonis Continent! You can trade them with the NPC [VIP Manager] Julianne.

- 1 Year of Service - Newbie Title [ HP +3 - DEF +20]

1+1 Level UP Event

The 1+1 Level Up Event is in full effect!
Your dreams of being a high level player are within reach with this exciting event that will speed up your leveling drastically!

- During the event period, if you level up once, you will receive a free level! (If you're level 1 you become 3)
- 1+1 Event is only available until level 77. (Highest level that you can achieve boosts on is 79)
- Only odd number levels receive the effect (1 -> 3 -> 5)
- For intentionally leveling down, even number levels do not receive the benefit (2->3->5->7)

Please note: The effects are applicable for PREMIUM USERS ONLY to prevent abuse


The Ibex & Crisis Potions and Hellfire Wings will be available for a limited time during our events!

- Ibex Potion will be available for purchase!
- Crisis Potion will be available for purchase!
- You can purchase these items from the Potion Merchants, Discount Sundries Merchant
- Hellfire Dragon Wings (30 Days) - You can purchase this item via our PUS Store!

May you all have a great Solar God's Harvest!