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04 September
  • Knightballs - Season 1
  • Count : 2091

Hail Knights!
Have you played Marbles on Stream before? Are you tired of losing but always participate?
Now is your chance to continue participating in Marbles on Stream and stacking up those points!
The more that you participate, the higher your chance to win the ultimate prizes of the season!

SEASON SCHEDULE: 09/04/2018 ~ 09/28/2018

- Participate in our broadcast Marbles on Stream races to earn points!
- The more points you gain the higher your chances to win!
- Pay attention and follow us on Twitch! We may have special surprise races to help boost your points!
- Join our Broadcast on the 28th of September to see if you won!

-You must be a follower of our Twitch page to win! Follow us at!!
-In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker race will be held to determine the top position.

1st Place = 10 Points
2nd Place = 8 Points
3rd Place = 5 Points
4th Place ~ 20 = 3 Points
21st ~ 300 = 1 Point

PRIZES: [For the Top 20 Members in the Leaderboard]

1st Place
- 5,000 KC
- Switching Premium 15 Days
- Test Shield
- WAR Championship Emblem (Permanent)
- Solar Tattoo (30 Days)
- Black Treasure Chest

2nd ~ 5th Place
- 2,000 KC
- Switching Premium 15 Days
- Test Shield
- WAR Championship Emblem (Permanent)
- Black Treasure Chest

6th ~ 10th Place
- WAR Premium 15 Days
- Like Emblem (Permanent)
- Random Unique Pet Transformation Scroll (GM selected)
- Pathos Package

11th ~ 20th Place
- Alencia Wings (15 days)
- Like Emblem (7 days)
- Monster Summon Staff (x5)

Good luck Knights!