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03 July
  • Knight Online's Awakening Update!
  • Count : 4429

Hail Knights!
With the arrival of the new Rebirth Quests on our previous update, this time we bring you
the Rebirth level increase! All Knights across the continent will now be able to increase their
Rebirth level to +10 to increase their power even further!

Find below the experience needed to continue with your Rebirth journey!
Rebirth Level Experience Required
Level 1 8705986960
Level 2 9576585656
Level 3 10534244222
Level 4 11587668644
Level 5 12746435508
Level 6 14021079059
Level 7 15423186965
Level 8 16965505661
Level 9 18662056227
Level 10 20528261850

Good Luck Knights!