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05 August
  • Update Notes 08.06.2020
  • Count : 3311

Hail Knights!

You can find the updates of the server maintenance below.

* The sale of the Mithril Check item has been added to the game. Mithril Check can be purchased for Coins.
- You can purchase the Mithril Check item from the NPC [Grand Merchant] Assistant. (NPC located next to Kaishan)
- Once the Mithril Check item is purchased from the NPC, it can only be traded once. After giving the item to another player, the item will become non-tradable.
- There will be 3% interruption when breaking the item in NPC.
- If you have enough coins from the item, you can buy as much as you want and put them in the warehouse.

* Some UI changes has been added to game.

* A non-targeted or attacked creature named Juraid Mountain Dungeon Knight has been added. Monster will attack a random AFK players.

* 'Terrain Quality' section has been added to the in-game option section.

Have Fun!