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28 October
  • New Auction System - Akara's Altar
  • Count : 4914

Hello to everyone,

Knight Online continues to be updated with new content, meet the new Auction System, Akara's Altar!

Auction System - Akara's Altar

Akara's Altar is an auction house where you can earn various items and anyone can join.

Akara's Altar is located in Moradon castle next to [Manager] Bilbor at coordinates 830, 665.

Akara's Altar Bidding is available 22:05 ~ 21:55 next day. You cannot check items during 22:00 ~ 22:05 (Preparation time).

Akara's Altar will be unavailable at server maintenance day 22 PM, and will be active again after 24 hours.

How Can I Participate In The Auctions?

After selecting the Akara's Altar structure in 830, 665 Coordinates, you should right click and then press the button marked below in the options that come before you.

Auction Screen Introduction

1. Ongoing Auction.
In this section, you can follow the ongoing auctions and bid.

2. Auction Schedule.
This is where you can see items that will be featured in future auctions.

3. My Auction Status.
This is where you can follow the items you bid on, get back the money you spent on the bid if your bid is passed, or receive it if you win a bid.

4. Auction History.
Here is showing transactions in auctions held within two weeks.

5. The section where the items in the auction are shown.
6. The amount of Noah and Mithril Check available on your character.
7. The section where you will determine the amount of Noah and Mithril Check to submit a bid.
8. The total value of your bid.
9. Bid button.
10. Current value of the item.
11. The minimum amount you can bid on the item.
12. Time left to bid on listed items.

Auction System Details

* The maximum bid that can be made with Noah is 999 million Noah.
* Mithril check items can be used for bids over 999 million Noah.
* Mithril checks obtained with market funds cannot be used for auctions.
* You can purchase Mithril Check items that you can use in auction from the [Grand Merchant] Assistant (Moradon 813, 708).
* After bidding on an item, the bid fee will be taken from your character and you cannot get it back.
* If someone passes your offer, you can receive the Noah and Mithril Checks you spent on the offer from Akara's Altar.
* Each item has a minimum bid price.
* Item prices may vary according to the servers.
* Akara's Altar can only be used on the 1st Channels for now.
* If you have bid on any item, you cannot change your character name.

* If you do not receive your item from the Akara's Altar within 14 days in the auction you won, you will not be able to receive the item later, the Noah and checks you have spent will not be refunded.

* If another player will pass your bid, you must receive the Noah and checks you spent for your bid from Akara's Altar within 14 days.

* Noah and checks that are not received within 14 days and spent for the offer are not refunded.

Auction Status Details

1. The item you bid the highest.

2. Items that passed with more than your bid.
With the Retract Bid button, you can retrieve the Noah and Checks you spent in the offer.

3. The item that you won with your bid.
You can receive your item with the Receive button.

New Auction Items

With the auction system, some jewelry items and two amazing Scrolls can be obtained in the game at the moment.

Some accessories have bonus features.

A few examples of accessories;

Blessing of Logos & Upgrade Scroll

There are also two scrolls that you can obtain from the auction besides accessories.

Blessed Item Upgrade Scroll

With this item, you can increase your +6 level item to +7 with 100% success rate.

Blessing of Logos

You can greatly reduce the chance of your item being destroyed by using this protection item during an upgrade.

When you make an unsuccessful upgrade using Blessing of Logos, there is a chance that your item level will drop, remain the same, or the item will be burned slightly.