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23 December
  • Update Notes 12.24.2020
  • Count : 953

Hail Knights!

You can find the updates of the server maintenance below.

* New Achievement has been added for the Chaos Event. When you kill 3000 opponents, you will complete the achievement and the DEF 90 feature will come with the achievement.

* Genie targeting system has been improved. After target creature dies, it will switch to the other creature in a shorter time.

* Isiloon respawn issue has been fixed.

* Clan leveling system has been changed.
- It will no longer be performed as an item gathering quest, but as a monster-killing quest. With the quest that you will complete in the clan leveling area, your clan leader will be able to raise your clan level through the NPC in the area.
- You have to complete the quest with the party.

* Accessory Disassemble Scroll problem with +1 rings purchased by Akara Altar's has been fixed.

​Have Fun!
NTT Game | Knight Online Team