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31 March
  • Update Notes 03.31.2021
  • Count : 617

Hail Knights!

You can find the updates of the server maintenance below.

* The respawn points of the regions (Asga, Doda Camp) on the Elmorad and Luferson maps have been adjusted. This arrangement has been made to correct the problem of spawning within the respawn point.

* If the creature is selected while using the Dark Knight Mace item, the problem of buffing the selected creature has been fixed. Even if the creature is selected, the multiple buffs used for the party will affect the party members, and the single buff will directly affect your character.

* Arrangements have been made for the Frame Rate decrease experienced when the item description is opened.

* If there is any buff from the NPC on your character, the NPC will not give the 4-buff pack, nor the single buffs of the same type to your character. (For example, if you have a speed buff on your character, you need to get other buffs from the NPC one by one.)

* Wrong name writing problem in Bulcan Pet has been corrected.

* Some items have been edited for typos. In addition, the description section of some items has been updated and turned into colorful descriptions.

* The fee for the teleporting door to the Isiloon room, which appeared when the Felankor was cut, was reduced to 10,000. This event will be active for 2 weeks.

* The problem in the 'Beginning of a New Adventure 3' quest has been fixed.

* The issue of rebirth in the Dark Knight Crossbow item has been fixed.

* Arrangement has been made regarding the genie stop issue

​Have Fun!
NTT Game | Knight Online Team