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24 November
  • New Weapon Set
  • Count : 3454

Dear knights,
Your greatest power to eliminate your enemies has always been the weapons you use.

Now it's time to make the enemies tremble with fear, get ready to meet the unique weapons of the unique legends!

New Weapon Set 'Ruler of the Legend'

How to Obtain Ruler of the Legend Weapons?
When two 'Sealing Stone of Redemption' stones that appear in the middle area (Bowl) of the Ronark Land map are broken, 9 creatures appear. The player who breaks the Sealing Stone gains 100 Nation Points. The Sealing Stone reappears 5 minutes after it is destroyed.

Dimensional Rift Guardian - Can be killed by two races.

Creatures that can be killed by the Karus race;
Elmorad Serpent
Elmorad Fenrir Knight
Elmorad Blue Dragon Knight
Elmorad Phoenix Knight

Creatures that can be killed by the Elmorad race;
Karus Unicorn Knight
Karus Diana Knight
Karus Black Tortoise Knight
Karus White Tiger Knight

You can get a chance to get Ruler of the Legend weapons and Magic Hammer by killing these monsters. Monsters that are not killed disappear after 4 minutes.

New Weapons drop randomly from all Sealing Stone monsters, not based on their names.

Ruler of the Legend - Blue Dragon(Warrior-Spear)

Ruler of the Legend - Serpent(Rogue-Dagger), White Tiger(Rogue-Jamadar)

Ruler of the Legend - Pheonix(Rogue-Crossbow)

Ruler of the Legend - Fenrir(Porutu-Two Hand Axe)

Ruler of the Legend - Black Tortoise(Priest-Shield), Diana's Deer(Priest-Mace)

Ruler of the Legend - Pegasus(Mage-Fire Staff)

Ruler of the Legend - Pegasus(Mage-Ice Staff)

Ruler of the Legend - Pegasus(Mage-Lightning Staff)