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30 March
  • Full Moon Token Event!
  • Count : 1386

Hi Knights!

Full Moon tokens are starting to appear all over the Adonis continent!
Battles, events and enemies will have many ways to collect Full Moon tokens for a chance to win prizes.

You can collect tokens in Border Defense War, Chaos, Lunar Wars and Ronark Land maps.

- Players who win the Border Defense War event will receive 10 Full Moon tokens.
- 50% of players in the Chaos event ranking (from top to bottom) will receive 10 Full Moon tokens.
- When Garrison Captain, Gatekeeper or Base Guards are killed in Lunar Wars, players around him will receive 3 Full Moon tokens.
- You can earn 1 Full Moon token by killing enemy players and creatures on the Ronark Land map.
- When you are at a party on the Ronark Land map, the Full Moon tokens that you can obtain from players and creatures will come in the party item purchase order.
- If you log out of the game after logging into the Border Defense War and Chaos event, you will not receive the Full Moon token.

Full Moon Token

*You can exchange Full Moon tokens through NPC [Lunar Order Priest] Blanc in Moradon (833, 545).

*Full Moon tokens will be deleted when the event ends.

The Rewards You Can Get With Full Moon Tokens

Item Name Pieces Required Token
Armor Enchant Scroll 5 10
Weapon Enchant Scroll 5 10
Absolute Voucher 1 30
Magpie Transformation Scroll 1 50
Magic Bag (7 Days) 1 70
Alencia Wing (3 Days) 1 100
Lunar Rabbit Mortar Piece 1 150
Rabbit Pet Transformation Scroll 1 200
Lunar Tattoo (30 Days) 1 300

You can exchange Absolute Voucher items for 30 Full Moon tokens for the following Titles from NPC [VIP Manager] Juliane's second option in Moradon (833, 545).
Item Name Features Required Voucher
Half Moon Legend Defense: 65 3
Full Moon Legend Defense: 90 20

You can craft Mortar items with the help of NPC [Disciple of Hepa] Shozin in Moradon (707, 576) for Lunar Rabbit Mortar Piece items, which you can exchange for 150 Full Moon tokens.

Mortar of Apprentice Lunar Rabbit Crafting Recipe
+ =

Mortar of Lunar Rabbit Crafting Recipe
+ + =
Damage to Monster +1% Increase.

Lunar Mortar of Lunar Rabbit Crafting Recipe
+ + + =
Damage to Monster +3% Increase

Have fun!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team