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30 March
  • 1+1 Level Up Event!
  • Count : 1071

Hail Knights!
The 1+1 Level Up Event is in full effect!
Your dreams of being a high level player are within reach with this exciting event that will speed up your leveling drastically!

- During the event period, if you level up once, you will receive a free level!
(If you're level 1 you become 3)
- 1+1 Event is only available until level 77. (Highest level that you can achieve boosts on is 79)
- Only odd number levels receive the effect (1 -> 3 -> 5)
- For intentionally leveling down, even number levels do not receive the benefit (2->3->5->7)

- Please note that only PREMIUM USERS will be able to benefit from the event!

Event Start Date: 03/31/2022
Event End Date: 04/28/2022

Happy grinding Knights!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team