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20 July
  • [Patch Notes] 20 July 2022
  • Count : 1577

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;


* Fugitive Kaul Event has started.

* Coin Event! has started.

* Full Moon Rift Event has started.

* Sales of Ibex, Pet Buff SC and Resurrection Scrolls have started in Aset NPC.
- Normally, Ibex 70m Crisis can be taken as 105m. (When buying in this way, the pots come as tradeable.)
- DC Premium/War Premium can be purchased with ibex 55m and Crisis as 80m. (When buying in this way, the pots are not tradable.)

* The EXP Jackpot event, which will last for 4 weeks, has started.


* Return event has ended.

* Krowaz Boss event that appeared in the Bowl region has ended.

* 1+2 Leveling event has ended.

* Wheel of Fortune event has ended.

* Pathos and SC sales event in the Aset NPC has ended.

* One Who Quit Twisted Moradon Event has ended.

* The event to gain 50% more EXP in the Ronark Land region has ended.

* Twisted Moradon event has been ended.


* The system to prevent the mage player in the party from teleporting your character has been added to the game.

* Tail of Shaula and Lesath items have been changed to usable. (When you use these items, a buff will be added to your character where you can gain an extra 100% EXP for 1 hour.)

* A renewed video recording system has been added to the game via F12.

* The feature of showing the levels of the items on the market has been added to the game.

​* You can turn the feature off by going to Option > Game2 > Preview Merchant Fortification Level.


* BDW for 80+ players has been added permanently.

* Mission item drops that have no effect on the game will no longer drop. (Mission items that will not drop will be completely removed from the game as of August 11.)
- Fang of Bakirra
- Gavolt Wing
- Cursed Bone
- Feather of Harpy Queen
- Holy Water of Temple

* Mouse slot shortcut system is now set to be used anywhere in all skill bar slots.

* Adjusted the appearance of some creatures.

* Editing has been made for the names of creatures, skills and pets with typos.

* Adjusted for problems experienced in Ronark Land daily quests.
- Take the Secret Document of enemies
- To find the lost soul
- Find the Spy
- Disrupting Enemy base in Ronark Land

* Fixed the HP bonus change issue when you reverse the Castellan's dignity item.

* Items that are not on the Buy Merchant have been added.
- Gold Rimmed Blue Treasure Chest
- Cursed Weapon Material Box
- Cursed Weapon Box

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team