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20 July
  • Fugitive Kaul Event!
  • Count : 880

We are happy to announce a new event! Kauls will be running wild in front of Moradon Castle.
Defeat the Kauls, capture the Sheep Looking Kaul items, and bring them back to Trainer Kate to receive rewards.

Required Reward Detail
VIP Safe Key (1 Day) It can be collected once per character.
Menicia's Official List (3 Days) It can be collected once per character.
Gems, Transformation Scrolls Repeatable, random prize including Jewels, Transformation Scrolls.

NOTE: With the 10 Sheep Looking Kaul exchange option (Random Box), all Sheep Looking Kaul items in your bag are automatically donated to Kaul's mother. If you want to use the Random Box option, we recommend that you only have 10 Sheep Looking Kaul items in your bag.

Kaul's Mother will appear on the island of Mora every 10,000 Sheep Looking Kaul items donated via NPC Kate with the Random Box option on the server. When Mother Kaul is destroyed, all the knights around will win goods!

Kaul's mother rewards the players around her with the Trophy of Flame.

Aside from hunting Kauls in front of Moradon Castle, you have a 1% probability of obtaining the Sheep Looking Kaul item when monster hunting and a 20% probability when killing members of the enemy nation.

Event Start: 20.07.2022
Event End: 17.08.2022

Happy hunting!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team