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09 November
  • Coin Event!
  • Count : 1095

Hi Knights!

With this event, which will be active between Nov 3 - Dec 8, you can collect Coins by completing daily tasks and exchange the Coins you collect with the reward you want.

To reach the Coin Event screen, you can press the marked button in the lower left corner after logging in to the game.

When you press the marked button, the following event window will appear.

- You can collect up to 8 Coins each day.
- After spending 1 hour in the game every day, you can collect 1 total of 4 Coins.
- By completing the specified tasks, you can collect 4 Coins, 1 for each task.
- You can buy 1 Coin for 1,000,000 Noah with the 'Add Coin' button once a day.
- Daily Coin limits reset at 09:00 am (Server Time) every day.

The event works on account basis and if you have completed four missions with one character and received your daily Coins, you cannot get Coins on the mission with another character on the same day.

Quests You Need To Complete To Collect Coins
Defeat 30 monsters above your level.
Complete 4 quests.
Complete Juraid Mountain or Border Defense War.
Upgrade any item via Anvil.

*If you have collected 4 Coins by staying in the game and 4 Coins with missions, that is 8 Coins in total, you cannot get Coin with Noah.

If you have reached 8 Coins after purchasing Coins with the Add Coin button, you cannot collect more than 8 Coins even if you fulfill the duration of the game or the mission objectives.

1 Add Coin + 4 Quests + 3 Game Times = Total 8 Coins
*Even if you reach the goal of staying in the game for one missing hour after reaching 8 Coins per day, you will not be able to get the 9th Coin per day.

1 Add Coin + 3 Quests + 4 Game Times = Total 8 Coins
*After reaching 8 Coins per day, you will not be able to get the 9th Coin per day even if you reach the quest completion goal.

A Coin button has been added to the game interface that fills up during your stay in the game, you can collect Coins up to four times a day by clicking this button after staying in the game for an hour.

You can exchange the Coins you collect with any item you want from the event window.

Item Name Pieces Required Coin
Scroll of Life 1 1
Scroll of Protection 1 1
Scroll of Weapon Enchant 1 3
Scroll of Armor Enchant 1 3
Scroll of Ascent 1 5
Monster Stone 1 10
[Event Emblem] Voucher (3 Days) 1 20
Speed-Up Potion 3 30
Alencia Wing Exchange Coupon (15 Days) 1 100
Green Treasure Chest 1 150

Have fun!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team