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10 May
  • Arena of Manes!
  • Count : 834

Arena of Manes
A chaotic survival experience where only the strongest warriors can triumph, everyone is one and equal.
Increase your level with PVE and PVP, determine your character abilities, collect points and be the winner!

How to Enter?
You can participate in the event by clicking the 'Apply' button on the login window, which will remain open for 10 minutes on your screen twice a day at 12:00 and 23:00 Server Time.

For each room, a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 80 people can attend the event, with a total of 240 people per server.

Character Traits
All players who enter the event start 1 level under equal conditions, their bags are empty and the same starting abilities.
You can increase your level with the experience points you will collect from the monsters you kill.
The maximum level your character can reach during the event is 30.
When you die, you can respawn and you will not lose experience points.

Event Processing
During the first 3 minutes of the event, players cannot damage each other, but they can kill monsters on the map.
You can attack other players after the status notification that will appear on your screen after the first 3 minutes.

Winning Conditions
The aim of the event is to gain the most Manes' Orb items by reaching high places in the score ranking.
You can earn points by killing other players or leveling up.
Players who kill the Dark Dragon in the middle of the map and top the rankings will receive the first prize, Manes' Orb.

Map and Monsters
Arena of Manes is a newly released crowded map.

There are low, medium, and high-level monsters lined up from the outer areas of the map to the inner areas.

You may also encounter low-level boss monsters Gabol, Scpri, Byzo, and Skelc in the inner areas of the map.

You can follow the boss monsters on the mini-map.

Red: Dark Dragon
Orange: High Boss
White: Mid Boss
Green: Low Boss

There are four medium and high-level Bosses and one Dark Dragon inside the castle, which is located in the middle of the map.

The player who manages to kill the Dark Dragon will be automatically removed from the ranking and will win the first prize Manes' Orb.

When you kill boss monsters, your character will also have a random passive ability.

Skill System
For each level you earn by killing monsters, you will see a selection screen where you can get random abilities and HP MP pots.

- You can get only one of the abilities in the upper part and both of the pots in the lower part.
- The amount Noah required to buy the pots must be on your character.
We strongly recommend that you buy pots in this selection screen, which will appear in limited numbers throughout the event because it will be difficult to survive inside.

- You can only use abilities that you can get with this system in the Arena of Manes event.
- Players do not have any character class restrictions in skill selection, everyone can play by making any skill sequence they want.
- There are two different skill categories Active and Passive, and the skills also have levels within them.
- The benefits they provide will vary with the level of their abilities.

- When selecting active abilities, the lower level of the skill at the current level cannot be selected.
- Your active abilities are automatically added to the skill bar you always use with your selection.
- You can change the location of abilities between your active skill bars as you wish.
- Passive abilities can be stacked. Ex: ATK 10% + ATK 5% = ATK 15%
- A new skill bar where you can follow your passive skills will appear in the event.

Status and Score Window
You can reach the score window with the 'ALT' key.

You can track Dark Dragon's health, battle times, and score from the event status window.

You can earn more score points when you kill players who are higher than your level on the leaderboard.

If you kill someone who is lower than your rank on the scoreboard, you will earn fewer score points than usual.

Ranking and Manes' Orb
You are rewarded with Manes' Orb items based on the order you take part in the event.

Ranking Manes' Orb
1th and Dark Dragon slayer. 60
2nd 40
3rd 35
Top 15%. 25
Top 15% ~ 50% 20
Top 50% ~ 80% 10
Participation reward. 1

You can get the following rewards by exchanging Manes' Orb items with NPC [Trader] Julia.
Item Name Orb Required
Event Emblem (3 Days) 7
Crisis/Ibexs Transformation Scrolls 15
Magpie Mom Transformation Scrolls 15
VIP Vault Key (7 Days) 30
Oreads (1 Day) 45
Solar Pendant 50
Pathos Glove (7 Days) 100
Magic Hammer (10 Pcs) 150
Solar Messenger - Achievement 300
Lunar Tattoo (15 Days) 450

Have fun!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team