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23 November
  • [Patch Notes] 23 November 2022
  • Okundu : 8257

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Attendance event has started.

* Knight Royale event has started.

* Sales of Ibex, Pet Buff SC and Resurrection Scrolls have started in Aset NPC.
- Normally Ibex 70m Crisis can be taken as 105m. (When buying in this way, the pots are tradeable.)
- DC Premium/War Premium can be purchased with ibex 55m and Crisis as 80m. (When buying in this way, the pots are not tradable.)

* Carrot Carrot Carrot event has started.
If you take the Carrot item, which you will receive from [Lunar Lady] Magpie for 50,000 Coins, to the 'Squad Leader Rabbit' NPC located at the Moradon gate, you have the chance to win beautiful rewards.

Sergeant Rabbit Quest; You can summon Private Rabbit from Squad Leader Rabbit 2 times. When you kill the creature, the quest will be completed. Other players can also attack the summoned monsters.

* A direct reward or task comes to your character randomly.

You can gain 1,000,000 EXP when you complete the quest.

The rewards you can earn by exchanging carrots;
Polluted Holy Water
Full Moon Emblem 1 Day
Lunar Tattoo 1 Day
Rabbit Pet Transformation Scroll
Moon Rabbit's Mortar Piece

* Devil rabbit event;

Players can gain EXP and 3 Polluted Holy Water items when the Great Demon tavern is killed, which will appear every 6 Hours on the Moradon map. Also, the player who killed the Demon will have the Lunar Gift Box item from his box. You can trade the item from [Lunar Lady] Magpie.

Rewards you can earn by exchanging Lunar Gift Box;
Ibex Potions - 25
Crisis Potion - 25
VIP Storage Exchange Coupon
Oreads Exchange Coupon 1 Day
Switch Premium 1 Day
speed up 1
Weapon Enchant Scroll - 1
Armor Enchant Scroll - 1

* EXP Jackpot event has started.

* Coin payment event; (New Servers are not included in this event.)
- For every hour you stand in the game during the event, 1 Coin will land on your character. (You can get a maximum of 10 Coins per day.)
- When you collect 60 Coins, you can exchange them with the User Pet Buff SC item you want on Aset.

* There will be one more Felankor respawn at 14:00 server time.

* If you open the Conversation window while walking by pressing W, your character will continue to advance automatically.

* Some image and spelling arrangements have been made.
- Thick Half troll skin, Fourth Key, Undefeatable Wirinom, Weak Dwarf Wirinom, Chaos Wirinom etc)

* Redistribution item rewards have been sent to players. (Players who log in by December 22 will receive this reward.)

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team