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28 February
  • [Patch Notes] 28 February 2024
  • Count : 853

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* A Lycaon Boss will appear every 3 hours in the Ronark Land Bowl area. (Respawn time may change forward or backward randomly.) (4 Weeks)
- Same items drop as the old Lycaon Boss.

* Market fund distribution system has been changed.
- Distribution of rewards via raffle among users who contribute through the marketplace has been abolished.
- Rewards are given by drawing lots according to the ranking among users in the Ladder ranking.

Rank Reward
1. ~ 200. 1 Mithril ve 1 Gold check
201. ~ 500. 1 Platinum ve 1 Gold check
501. ~ 2 Gold check

* Skill Bar Update - Quick shortcut editing feature has been added.

* The chance of some items dropping from Juraid gems, Bifrost Stones and Blue Treasure Chests has been reduced.

* Fixed the issue where the swamp zone slow debuff was applied abnormally.

* Swamp zone slow debuff icon has been added to the buff/debuff interface.

* Fixed issue where party UI and voice chat settings UI were misaligned.

Have Fun,
NTTGame | Knight Online Team