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28 February
  • Skill Bar Update - Quickslot
  • Count : 751

Quick skill bar editing feature has been added, you can access the editing window with the Quickslot button in the skill window.

1- This is the section where you can edit the number of slots you want to appear in your skill bars.
2- Skill bar section where you can save for quick use.
3- Option where you can switch to blank pages for other skill bars that you can register in different combinations.
4- Apply button used to quickly activate the selected skill bar.
5- Edit button used to edit the selected skill bar.
6- The selected skill bar section in the quickslot window to apply the selected skill bar.

After selecting the empty bar you want to edit in the quickslot window, you can access the editing window by pressing the 'Edit' button.

You can add available skills and items from the skill page (K) and your inventory (I) here by dragging them with your mouse.
If you wish, you can change the name of the empty quickslot bar you have edited with the Name Change button in this window.

When you are finished with your edits, you can save them with the 'Save' button.
You can use the 'Reset' button to reset the quick shortcut bar you saved.
When you set the number of slots you want to appear in your skill bars to 0, your skill bars become completely invisible.

You may not be able to use the quick skill bar editing feature in some dungeons and events.
Have fun!
NTTGame | Knight Online Team