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13 March
  • [Patch Notes] 13 March 2024
  • Count : 1758

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Ramadan NPC has been added to the game. [Mystic] Ibn NPC is located at Moradon 815 554 coordinates. (The emblem can be obtained every day between 20:00 and 04:59 Server hours.)

* Ultima's Dungeon! event has started. (4 Weeks)

* You can have the chance to win the '7-Day Hellfire Wing Item' by killing the 'Soul of the Dark Dragon' creature that will appear on the Eslant map. (The creature respawns every 9 hours.)
- Players around you will receive 3 Polluted Holy Water items.

* Coin event has started.

* Battlefield Hero's Wing and Lunar Tattoo sales event has started via NPC Aset. (4 Weeks)

War Hero Wing (30 Days)+Lunar Tattoo (30 Days) 190.000.000 Coins
War Hero Wing (30 Days) 90.000.000 Coins
Lunar Tattoo (30 Days) 120.000.000 Coins

- CZ 50 Kill mission (100m Exp.) has been extended by 4 weeks.

* Akara's Altar 'I love Knight Online' event has started.
- Accounts that received the 'I love Knight Online' emblem 20 or more times between March 14, 2024 and April 11, 2024 will receive the untradeable 'Character Delete Scroll' item on April 11, 2024. (The sent e-mail will be deleted via Letter on May 9, 2024.)

* Character Delete Scroll item has been added to the game.

- To use the item, you need to go to [Fortune Teller] Mekin NPC.
- To use the item, you need to open the 'Character Delete' menu.
- After you approve, you can enter the menu with your VIP key password.
- In the window that appears, you need to select the character you want to delete.

- After adding the item, you can accept the last menu section and delete the character.

* UTC event reward update;
- When the Trophy of Flame award is won, the winning player will be rewarded with the 'Trophy of High Class Flame' item if they are Rebirth 11 or above.
- The item is broken by [Twilight Knight Guard] Martin, who appears in the last room of UTC.

* BDW event reward update;
- Players with 83/3 and above will receive 'Blue Treasure Chest' instead of 'Green Treasure Chest' if they win the BDW event.

* Inventory interface design renewal and update;

- Magic bag icon visuals have been changed.

- The slots where Fairy and Emblem are placed are reserved.

* Abnormal animation problems in Groom and Wedding Dress TS have been fixed.

* The UI images of the Altars in the Lunar War have been changed.

* The Oreads Fairy's collection distance has been increased when the Genie is not being used.
- The distance, which was previously 5m, has been updated to 10m.

* Within line of sight, the 'Genie opening and closing' notification will appear in the chat window.

* Changes have been made so that Trade features cannot be used when using Genie.

* If there is a cheaper version of the item you are looking at in the market you are looking at, you will be informed via message.

* The countdown feature during purchase has been updated so that it can be turned off via the menu.

* The 'I will continue playing Knight Online' event has ended and the tasks of those who qualified have been reset.

* The weekend login event has ended and the rewards have been sent. (Rewards not received from mailboxes will be deleted on March 21.)

* The ranking event has ended and the rewards have been sent. (Rewards not collected from mailboxes will be deleted on March 21.)

* Valentine's Day event and PUS sale has ended.

* Puzzle event has ended.

* Knight Royale event has ended.

* Aset Ibex, Resurrection and Buff Pet SC sales have ended.

Have Fun,
NTTGame | Knight Online Team