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08 May
  • Knight Marble Event
  • Count : 477

Dear Knights, Knight Marble event is with you!

The opportunity to win amazing prizes awaits you by trying your luck at the Knight Marble event.

-Your character must be at least level 70 to participate in the event.

To participate in the event, you need to click on the event button in the lower left corner of the game window.

To participate in the event, you need to click on the 'CLICK! Rolling the Dice' button in the middle of the window.

You can participate in the event 1 time for free and 5 times with Noah a maximum of 6 times in total.
In order to have the chance to roll free dice, you need to stay in the game for 2 hours.
If you exit the game before you have won the free dice roll, the free dice roll clock is reset and you have to wait two hours again.

Dice prices for Noah, which you can use 5 times a day;

Dice Count Noah Price
1st Dice 1.000.000 Noah
2nd Dice 2.000.000 Noah
3rd Dice 3.000.000 Noah
4th Dice 4.000.000 Noah
5th Dice 5.000.000 Noah

Knight Marble Treasure Chest Items
If you come to the Marble Treasure Chest boxes in the corners of the game board, you will be entitled to win a random prize. To get this prize, you have to click on the Treasure Chest box.

To get a random item from the Marble Treasure Chest box, you need to pay 9.000.000 Noah.

If you pay 9.000.000 Noah in the Marble Treasure Chest box, the game rolls an extra dice (daily dice does not cost your right) on your behalf.

You can see the items you can get randomly from the Marble Treasure Chest box below.

Knight Marble Completion Rewards
There are also extra rewards you can get if you complete a full round on the game board.

You can get these rewards in order according to the total number of laps you have completed during the event period, you can click the 'Completion Reward List' button in the event window and the [Before compensation] button respectively to get the rewards.

Lucky Boxes
If you come to the chance boxes on the game, you will see three luck cards.

One of these luck cards is empty and the other two have extra dice rights.
When you open the card with the right of dice, you will advance in the box as much as the number of dice.
If you come to the lucky boxes and find the extra dice card, the number of progress you have won with the lucky box will not be used from your daily dice entitlement.

We wish you a good time!
NTT Game | Knight Online Team