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08 May
  • Knight Royale Duo Mode
  • Count : 652

How to Enter Knight Royale Duo Mode?
- You will be able to register by pressing the 'Join' button in the window that will appear on the game screen twice a day.
- Registration time is 10 minutes, after 10 minutes players are drawn to the battlefield.
- Currently, the first 160 people who press the 'Join' button can participate in the event on two different maps.

Knight Royale Duo = 12:00 - 23:00 [Server Time]

Knight Royale Duo Mode
- All players on the battlefield will start with equal strength and the same items.
- All players will be able to keep a maximum of 9 different items in their bag during battle.
- All players will have 1 30 health potion, simple bow, simple sword, 15 arrows and 2 skills (limited to 30 uses).
- All players will start with a level 1 character and will be able to increase their level as they kill other players or creatures on the map.
* (Max. HP, Max. MP, Attack Damage and Defense amount also increase with the level.)

- You will be matched with a random person among other players participating in the event and you will compete in the event as a team with your party friend.
- Players will start in close proximity to their teammates in random locations on the map.

- You can gain levels by getting experience points from the creatures your teammate kills.

- You can message your teammate from the party section of the chat window.

- If you wish, you can talk to your teammate with the voice chat option.

- If the number of players participating in the battle is 40 or more, the event will start from the 1st zone.
- If the number of players participating in the war is less than 40, the event will start from the 3rd zone.

- The poisonous gas moves from zone 1 to zone 5 every 180 seconds.

- When you enter the poisonous gas area, the following warning appears on your screen.

- When you start taking damage from poisonous gas, your screen will turn purple as shown below.

- You can earn items, potions and arrows by killing monsters on the battlefield.

You can obtain Heal Scroll from the Pig creatures on the map, with this item you can heal your teammate by 20 HP if you wish.

- Gift of Pathos chests appear at certain intervals in certain places on the map, you can obtain items by finding these chests.

- Poisonous gas will begin to spread on the map 3 minutes after the start of the battle.
* You can follow the poisonous gas situation and the locations of the chests via the mini map and countdown.

- The battle will continue until one last team or its member survives the battle.
- Players cannot see the decrease in the health of their opponents in the health bar.

Item Sets
- There are item sets of three different power levels that can be used in the event.

Item Item Name Details
Dagger 14 Attack Power
Old Bow 7 Attack Power
Pathos Chitin Helm 5 Defense Ability
Pathos Chitin Pauldron 5 Defense Ability
Pathos Chitin Pants 5 Defense Ability
Pathos Chitin Boots 5 Defense Ability
Pathos Chitin Gauntlets 5 Defense Ability

Item Item Name Details
Long Sword 42 Attack Power
Bow 20 Attack Power
Pathos Krowaz Chitin Helm 9 Defense Ability
Pathos Krowaz Chitin Pauldron 9 Defense Ability
Pathos Krowaz Chitin Pants 9 Defense Ability
Pathos Krowaz Chitin Boots 9 Defense Ability
Pathos Krowaz Chitin Gauntlets 9 Defense Ability

Item Item Name Details
Greatsword 63 Attack Power
Composite Bow 30 Attack Power
Pathos Holy Knight Helm 15 Defense Ability
Pathos Holy Knight Pauldron 15 Defense Ability
Pathos Holy Knight Pants 15 Defense Ability
Pathos Holy Knight Boots 15 Defense Ability
Pathos Holy Knight Gauntlets 15 Defense Ability

- When the event ends, all items you have obtained on the battlefield will be automatically deleted.

Item Item Name How To Obtain Details
Soul Strike Basic Skill Deals 200% damage to the enemy and has no chance to fail.
Fireball Basic Skill You throw a Fireball at your enemy.
Sprint Potion Obtained from enemy or creatures. Increases your movement speed by 150% for 10 minutes.
Rush Scroll Obtained from Golden Puppy. Quickly approach the specified target within range 30, only available when wearing melee weapons.
Blink Scroll Obtained from Golden Puppy. Teleport in the direction the character is looking at. Within range 15 teleport to enemy or mobs, use only when bow is equipped.

Item Upgrade
You can increase the levels of the highest level weapons in Knight Royale by clicking on the Craft icon you can see in the right corner of the game.

To increase the level of your weapons, you have the chance to extract the item called 'Mithril Ingot' at a certain rate from the chests in the event or from the newly added BOSS.

Mithril Greatsword Crafting
Great Sword + Mithril = Mithril Greatsword
+ =
Great Sword (63 AP) + Mithril = Mithril Greatsword (84 AP)

Mithril Bow Crafting
Composite Bow + Mithril = Mithril Bow
+ =
Composite Bow (30 AP) + Mithril = Mithril Bow (42 AP)

BOSS: Pathos' Delegate
In Knight Royale, after the 3rd Gas Region is activated, BOSS Pathos' Delegate appears, which constantly moves between the 4th and 5th Gas Regions. When you kill the BOSS, it contains a certain amount of Mithril Ingot and High Level Holy Water. You can improve your weapons to the next level with Mithril Ingot. Additionally, it gives the person who kills the BOSS an Attack Buff that will be valid for 3 minutes.

- Players earn 'Soul Gem' according to the rank they achieve in battle.
- Soul Gem rewards are sent after the event COMPLETELY ends.

- Players whose bag is full before entering the event cannot receive a Soul Gem at the end of the event (It is planned to be changed in the future), so we recommend that you leave at least one empty space in your bag before entering the event.
Rank Rewards
Remained players' piece of %15 25 SOUL GEM
Remained players' piece of between %15 and %50 20 SOUL GEM
Remained players' piece of between %51 and %80 10 SOUL GEM
Participant Reward 1 SOUL GEM

- You can exchange the Soul Gems you obtained from the event for any reward you want through NPC [Trader] Julia in Moradon.

- Soul Gems obtained from the event will be deleted when the event ends.
* The Anniversary Emblem you will receive with 700 Soul Gem does not have any features.

NTT Game | Knight Online Team