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08 May
  • [Patch Notes] 8 May 2024
  • Count : 1167

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

** Server maintenance dated 05.06.2024 will be carried out on 03.06.2024 as it is a Korean public holiday. **

* Knight Marble Event has started. (May 9 - June 3)

* Knight Royale - Duo event has started. (May 9 - June 3)

* Pathos Glove and triple SC buff event has started on NPC Aset! (May 9 - June 3)
2 Pieces of 30 Day Pathos Glove - 60,000,000 Coins
2200 HP + Armor 380 Scroll Pack - 60,000,000 Coins
2200 HP + Armor 380 + Attack Scroll Pack - 75,000,000 Coins

* Manticore creatures' coin and item drop rates have been reduced.

* Yellow Sand monster has been added to the game to appear every 8 hours on Luferson and EMC maps. The creature will give EXP when killed. (May 9 - June 3)

* 'I love Knight Online' event rewards have been sent to players who applied 20 times or more. (The sent e-mail will be deleted on June 3.)

* Login to Knight Royale and Knight Royale Duo events with the same IP is blocked.

* The button that allows controlling linked items has been changed to 'Right Click'.

* A border has been added to the text that appears when the item is linked with the item linking system. In this way, a more clear text was created.

* DX 11 edits;
- Fixed the issue where the Rebirth symbol would disappear depending on the viewing angle.
- Adjustment of cloak pixel size.
- The problem of Emblem disappearing depending on the perspective has been fixed.

* DX 11 System updates;
- Added screen brightness adjustment option.
- Added option to adjust distant object sharpness.
- Added colorblind mode option.

* The weights of Green Mithril Piece and Dark Mithril Fragment items have been updated to 0.10.

* The issue where the 'Trophy of High Class Flame' item did not appear on the Buy Merchant has been fixed.

* The problem of the skill bar not appearing when entering Manes' Arena and Knight Royale events when the skill bar is set to '0' has been fixed.

* When you want to swap 2 skills on the skill bar, the skills will now be swapped.

* Fixed the issue where the Premium background occasionally did not appear.

* Fixed the issue where the character would not return to its original form after using Paper Potion 1 and 2 during Transform.

* During the Lunar War battle, queuing of players who are not in the game has been prevented.
- For example; If the player in 3rd place was not in the game during the prize distribution, the player in 4th place would move up in the rankings and receive the 3rd place prize. This will no longer happen.

* Item display/Equipment Confirmation Item system has been added to the game.

* Item display/Equipment Confirmation Item has been added to sales via Akara's Altar. (9 May - 4 June)

Genie Updates;
- Genie Range setting increased from 50 to 70.
- 'When no monsters are in the attack range, move to genie starting location' option has been added. When you use this, the character will return to the point where you started the Genie.

* Daily Login event has been extended by 1 week.

* Manes' Arena event has ended.

* Aset Minerva, Special Defense and Priest Prayer sales event has ended.

* Weed activity has ended.

* Character Delete Item reward emails have been deleted.

Have Fun,
NTTGame | Knight Online Team