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03 June
  • Fugitive Kaul Event!
  • Count : 399

The Fugitive Kaul Event is with you again!
What you need to do in the Fugitive Kaul Event is very simple. Bring the Kaul creatures that have escaped from their owner back to Kate! In return, [Familiar Tamer] Kate will reward you for the Fugitive Kauls you bring back!

Knights who bring 100 Sheep Looking Kauls will receive a 1-Day VIP Safe Key. (Once during the event)
Knights who bring 100 Sheep Looking Kauls will receive a 3-Day Menisiah's Trade Board Exchange. (Once during the event)
Knights who bring 10 Sheep looking Kauls will receive surprise gifts such as Gems, Transformation Scrolls, etc. (Repeatable)

Note: With the option to trade 10 Sheep Looking Kauls, all Sheep Looking Kaul items in your bag will automatically be delivered to Kaul's mother. For rewards such as Gems, we recommend keeping only 10 Sheep Looking Kaul items in your bag.

Additionally, the Fugitive Kauls are not alone in Knight Online. They also have a mother! Because we are collecting the Kaul creatures, Kaul's mother becomes very angry with us! Kaul's Mother is much stronger and angrier than the Kaul Monsters!

When you kill Kaul's mother, she rewards nearby players with 'Trophy of Flame' item!

When a total of 10,000 Sheep Looking Kaul items are delivered to NPC [Trainer] Kate by the players on the server, Mother Kaul will appear on Mora Island in Moradon!

You can obtain Sheep Looking Kaul items:
* With a 10% chance in front of Moradon,
* With a 1% chance while hunting monsters,
* With a 20% chance when killing an enemy player.

While hunting the Sheep Looking Kauls, you can also obtain these items:
* Mugwort Rice Cake - Attack +5%
* Cactus Rice Cake - Defense +40
* Pumpkin Rice Cake - NP +4
* Gardenia Rice Cake - HP +250
* Sheep Looking Kaul

** Event items will be deleted when the event ends. **

Event Start: June 3rd 2024
Event End: July 3rd 2024

Happy hunting!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team