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19 June
  • [Patch Notes] 19 June 2024
  • Count : 975

Hail Knights,
You can find the details regarding the server maintenance on 19 June 2024 below.

* Monthly Ranking Event! Extra gifts will be given to our players on all servers according to the monthly rank/ladder rankings in July.​

* EXP, Ladder Points, and National Points Event has started! (4 Weeks)
- Between June 19 and July 17, from 18:00 to 02:00 Server Time, a 50% EXP, +10 NP, and +10 Ladder Point event will be active every day.

* Lobo Boss will appear every 3 hours in the Ronark Land Bowl area. (The respawn time may change randomly forward or backward.) (4 Weeks)
- The same items drop as from the old Lobo boss.

* The respawn event for extra Eslant bosses in the Ronarkland Bowl area has become permanent!
- Eslant bosses will appear scattered in the bowl area during boss hours.
- Boss rewards are the same as Eslant bosses.
- Box drop chances are the same as in the Eslant map.
- Boss monsters will continue to respawn in the Eslant map.

* Limited-time Juraid Mountain Achievement Event has started. (4 Weeks)
- Characters who participate in the Juraid Mountain event and win or lose a total of 20 times will receive the “2024 Exclusive Achievement Juraid” achievement. Characters who obtained the achievement will be automatically registered for the event and will receive the non-tradable “Redistribution Item.” at July 18 server maintenance. (Items that did not get claimed from the mail system will be deleted on August 13.)
- To progress in the achievement, you need to enter the Juraid Mountain event and complete it. Both wins and losses will contribute to the achievement.

- Only 1 Redistribution Item will be sent even if the event is completed by more than one character.

* The issue where the Kaul transformation effect in “Trainer Kate” staff variants could not be reverted when Bezoar/Glutinous Rice Cake is in use has been resolved.
* Skills can no longer be cast from within or from behind objects.
* The Kaul Mother that appears on Mora Island will now disappear if not killed within 2 hours.
* The Buying Merchant interface has been adjusted. The sizes of the “Item Select” and “Upgrade” selection menus have been adjusted.

* Color change palette UI have been improved.
- The ability to manually enter RGB values when selecting a color have been added to the color picker.
- This change has been applied to all color selection palette menus, including buying capes, creating characters, etc.
- When changing the character's appearance, the hair color cannot be changed to RGB (0, 0, 0).

* The issue where NPC location info windows or Seed/Max notifications would randomly appear on the screen for quests that could not be completed has been resolved.
* An arrangement has been made so that PUS cannot be opened while Genie is active.
* A change has been made to MP/HP Weapons' recovery feature, previously MP/HP features remained active even when the MP/HP Recovery weapon had 0 Durability and was broken. Now, if your MP/HP Recovery weapon's Durability reaches 0, the Recovery feature will be disabled unless you repair your weapon.
* The issue where clan leadership was not properly transferred when assigned to another player has been fixed.
* The issue where the interface for clan leader-specific buttons did not become visible until the interface was closed and reopened after transferring clan leadership has been resolved.
* The issue where the contribution/ladder points of inactive/offline players were not updated has been fixed.
* A warning for insufficient MP will now appear when a skill fails due to insufficient MP.
* A visual bug in the quest reward interface has been fixed.
* Some texture issues with [VIP Manager] Juliane have been resolved.

* Text Updates/Corrections:
* In Abyss Dungeon (Despair Dungeon and Hell Dungeon), cross-country chat and whispers will now be displayed the same as in Ronark Land.
- For example, if you are Human, you will see symbols like “%')(/+&^+/” instead of seeing what a Karus wrote.
* The message displayed when there are insufficient participants in the Juraid Mountain event has been changed.
- When you are not taken into the event due to insufficient participation, the message will now appear as “You have been rejected due to unmatched members” instead of “In teleporting. Please Wait.”
* The amount of Noah written during banking/player trades will now appear with commas, e.g., “100,000”.
* The issue where previously entered text reappeared when reopening the block list interface has been resolved.
* Spacing/Text corrections have been made on the Draki Pendant's texts.
* Typographical error in the Ruby Earring description have been corrected.

* The Ronark Land Lycaon Boss event has ended.
* Spirit Talisman Fragment Exchange event has ended. The quests of characters who delivered 30 Spirit Talisman Fragments have been reset.
* The Atilla Boss Spawn event has ended.
* The Paper Potion, Emoticon Item, Bulk Up Scroll sales on Akara's Altar has ended.
* The reward letter that was sent for Weekend Login Event will be removed.

Have fun,
NTTGame | Knight Online Team