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27 April
  • Voice Chat Feature!
  • Count : 2473

Hello everyone,

With the server maintenance dated March 24, 2022, a new communication system in Knight Online was made available to our players.

Voice Chat System

The voice chat system is a new communication system that automatically activates when you create a party in the game and allows you to communicate with the party members by voice.

We are sure that you can take your Knight Online experience to the next level by directly communicating with party members without having to use any intermediary programs.

How to use?
When you enter any party, the voice chat system is automatically activated and you can speak with the party members, you can understand which party members are speaking from the speaker icon that appears during the chat.

Quick Settings
You can access the quick setting window of the voice chat system via the gear button in the title section of the party list interface.

In this quick setting window, you can change or mute the volume of all your party members and your microphone volume.

1- Voice chat quick setting window button.
2- In this section that opens next to your name at the party, you can change your microphone volume or mute it completely.
3- You can change the volume of party members or mute them completely.
4- Adjustment section;
*Voice on/off: When you uncheck this box, the voices coming from the voice chat will be muted.
*Microphone on/off: Uncheck this box and your microphone will be muted.
*Voice Mark on/off: Unchecking this box will remove the speaker icons that appear next to the party list when someone is speaking.
5- The detailed setting window is opened with the Setting button, and the voice chat help file is opened with the Help button.
6- The section where the microphone and sound status of the party members are displayed.

In the voice chat quick setting window, you can set the volume of each party member to different levels, if you want, you can mute anyone by checking the 'Mute' box. You mute your microphone when you use the 'Mute' box for yourself.

Detailed Setting Window
You can access this section from the 'Setting' button in the voice chat quick settings section or the 'Voice Chatting' category in the F10 window.

1- From this section, you can mute the sounds coming to you and select the audio output device you want to use.
*After selecting the audio output device you want to use, you can activate it with the 'Speaker Application' button.
2- From this section, you can mute your microphone, adjust your microphone volume and select your microphone device.
*After selecting the microphone device you want to use, you can activate it with the 'Microphone Application' button.
3- From this section, you can adjust the sensitivity of your microphone.

If you don't want voice chat to be opened automatically when you enter the party, you can uncheck the 'Listen to voice chat' and 'Use of Microphone' options from the F10 Voice Chatting section.

If you want to connect to voice chat after entering the party with your sound and microphone settings turned off, you can activate your sound and microphone again from the quick setting window that you can open from the F10 window or from the party list.

After activating your sound and microphone, you need to click the Reconnect button to connect to the voice chat.

If a player with the sound and microphone options turned off creates a party, voice chat will be turned off for all party members, each party member must be reconnected with the Reconnect button to connect to voice chat.

The voice chat system may differ in performance depending on the internet connection and the region you are in, in case of a possible problem, you can contact us as you wish.

Have fun!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team