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22 June
  • Wheel of Fun Is Back!
  • Count : 336

Renovated Wheel of Fun with its new rewards is with you again!

After logging into the game, you can press the marked button in the lower left corner to reach the Wheel of Fun screen.

When you open the Wheel of Fun window, you will see two different wheel options with different rewards.

Mercy of Manes: The wheel that you can spin once a day for free if you log in to the game and stay in the game for two hours.
Only players level 70 and above can spin the free wheel.

You can see the items you can get by spinning the Mercy of Manes wheel below.

Item Name Count
Polluted Holy Water 1
Monster Stone 1
Scroll of Ascent 1
Scroll of Armor Enchant 1
Scroll of Weapon Enchant 1
Oreads Voucher (1 Day) 1
Stellar Tattoo Voucher (1 Day) 1
[VIP] Vault Key (1 Day) 1
Speed Potion 10
Alencia Wing (7 Days) 1
Scroll of Armor 350 3
WAR Premium (7 Days) 1
EXP Premium (7 Days) 1
Switching Premium (30 Days) 1

Confirmation of Ares: The wheel you can spin as many times as you want for 9,000,000 Noahs.

You can see the items you can get by spinning the Confirmation of Ares wheel below.
Item Name Count
Magpie Transformation Scroll 3
Speed Potion 3
Scroll of Armor 350 3
User Buff Pet Scroll Voucher HP (30 Days) 1
Lunar Tattoo (15 Days) 1
Blue Treasure Chest 1
Lobo Hammer +0 1
Blessed Item Upgrade Scroll - +7 %100 1

Lobo Hammer Item

We wish everyone good luck!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team