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22 June
  • 80+ Border Defense War
  • Count : 465

80+ Border Defense War
In this event, where two enemy races fight each other in the border region, our players who manage to defend their borders and achieve victory in the event are rewarded.

The level cap of the Border Defense War event has been adjusted to allow players above level 80 to participate for 4 weeks.

The Border Defense War event, which was previously available to players with a maximum level of 80, has been increased due to the high demand of level cap knights.
We would like to say that this BDW level cap increase, which will come as a 4-week event in the first stage, is also likely to be made permanent in the future.

With the BDW level cap increase, the rewards of the Border Defense War event will also be changed for four weeks!

- Red Treasure Chest reward for players between level 69 and 80 has been changed to Green Treasure Chest.
- Players between level 81 and 83 will receive a Blue Treasure Chest reward from the event.

Defend your borders and earn rewards!

NTT Game | Knight Online Team