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22 June
  • [Patch Notes] 22 June 2022
  • Count : 1184

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;


* Come Back event has begun! (Event duration: 4 Weeks)
The Call of Logos rewards have been sent.
Logos' Commendation rewards have been sent.

* 1+2 Level Up event has started! (Event duration: 4 Weeks)

* Border Defense War event has been activated for players over 80! (Event duration: 4 Weeks)

* Border Defense War event reward event for players over 80 has started! (Event duration: 4 Weeks)
- Will award Green Treasure Chest in Border Defense War event for 69-80.
- Will award Blue Treasure Chest in Border Defense War event for 81-83.

* Wheel of Fortune event has started! (Event duration: 4 Weeks)

* Twisted Moradon Zombie event has started!

* [Event] Krowaz event has started!
- Krowaz event creature will spawn on Ronark Land Map. 30 when you kill this event creature
You can have the Daily Event Emblem item.
- Monster will spawn every 8 hours for 4 weeks.
- Players ranked on the ladder when the creature is killed will receive the following rewards;

Between 1-200 players; Gold Rimmed Blue Treasure Chest
Between 201-400 players; Green Treasure Chest
Between 400-500 players; Red Treasure Chest

You can use the Krowaz weapon Frame items, which you can purchase from Sundries for 52,500,000 million Noah, and one Cursed Weapon Material Box to craft.

* You can get the following items by exchanging Gold Rimmed Blue Treasure Chest with NPC [Trader] Julia.
- High and Unique class items.
- Cursed Weapon Material Box item.
- Cursed Weapon Box item.

You can get one of the Krowaz weapons at random by exchanging the Cursed Weapon Box with 100 million Noah, again with NPC [Trader] Julia.

An alternative crafting method to Krowaz weapons has been added to the game with the Cursed Weapon Material Box item.

* The One Who Comes Out of Twisted Moradon Event has begun!
- Monster will respawn every 8 hours.
- When the creature dies, it will give EXP and Contaminated Holy Water to the players around it.
- The player who last hit the creature will receive a 30-day Event emblem item.

* 50% EXP increase has started on the Ronarkland map! (4 Weeks) (Only monsters' base EXP will increase from the increase during the event.)

* Pathos Glove items, which you can buy from NPC Aset, have been added to the game. You can buy 2 for 60,000,000.

* 3 Scroll items that you can buy from NPC Aset have been added to the game.
* Character Rebirth level cap has been increased.
- Updated to Rebirth 10 > Rebirth 15 on all servers.

* New rebirth skin will be available for players of Rebirth 11 and above.

* Added new daily PVP quest to Ronark Land Hill and Lily NPCs. (You have to do it in the bowl area of Ronark Land.)
- In order to start the quest, you must first get the Battle Order item from the Hill or Lily NPC.
- The Battle Order item is set to be active on it for 12 hours. (You must complete the task within 12 Hours.)
- After purchasing the Battle Order item, you need to get the 'Kill 50 Enemies quest'.
- When you go to the NPC and complete the quest after killing 50 people, you will receive the 'Old Draki Box' reward.
- Quest cannot be done at the same time as Green Mithril Quest.

* Gold-Rimmed blue treasure chest has been added to the game.


* Your microphone settings will be adjusted automatically when the microphone is reconnected during a voice call. (It is set about 5 seconds after connection due to device search and connection delay)

* Fixed problem of intermittent restarts during voice chat and an error occurred while starting the chat.

* Durability problem of Scorching Staff, Chaotic Staff and Oasis staff reverse items has been fixed.

* A new skill has been added to the Chaos event. You can access the Eyes of Chaos ability via the skill menu.
- When you use the relevant skill, the names of other players will appear for you for 1 minute.
- Even if you attack opponent players during this buff, it does not inflict damage. (Some skills cannot be used directly.)
- Buff is automatically deleted when your character dies.

* You will gain 3 NP when you kill the opponent player during the Chaos event.
- You will not lose any NP when you die during the event.

* Higher Level Border Guard Reward Ascent Scroll item has been made available for 83 level characters.

* Juraid Mountain event entry level increased from 70 to 75.

* When you win when there is no opponent in the Border Defense War event, the box reward will not come to the character.


* Knight Royale Ended.

* Aset Minerva and Special Defense Scroll sales event has ended.

* Snowball war is over.

* [Event] Cuff Boss event has ended.

* Puzzle event has been ended.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team