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14 September
  • Twisted Moradon - The Zombie Event
  • Count : 988

Hail Knights!
The Rift towards Twisted Moradon is upon us and we'll have to destroy the Rift access before the undead reach the Adonis Continent!
Prepare to survive Twisted Moradon or become twisted and fight against your brethren as a terrible undead!

The event will begin at 12:00 and 23:00 Server Time.
The event will be available by talking to the [Apprentince Priest] Johan NPC in Moradon.
Level limit is 80 for this event.
A maximum of 100 players can participate in the event.
*The Rift will not be attacked for the first 5 minutes.
*If you leave the map borders, your character will be teleported to 'town'.

The players are divided in two separate groups, the Knights and the Undead.
The goal of the Knights is to destroy one of the Rifts by collecting the Essence of Rift. (Located at a random point in the map)
The goal of the undead is to protect the Rift during the event.
The Knights are those who did not turn into zombies until the end of the event.
The Undead are the ones that turned into them during the event.

Knights - Destroy the Rift in 15 minutes
Undead - Protect the Rift for 15 minutes

Knights = x5 Polluted Holy Water and 1 Event Emblem (1 Day).
Undead = x1 Polluted Holy Water and 1 Event Emblem (1 Day).
The Knight that destroyed the Rift will also be able to earn one random Draki Necklace Craft material.


It can only be destroyed with Essence Rift which can be obtained by killing the Wandering Specter.

The most powerful creature that exists only to destroy Knights.
When he sees a Knights, he can approach at high speed and kill the player instantly.
This creature cannot be targeted or killed.

Undead commoners of Moradon that attack the player.
They can be targeted and kiled and when killed there's a chance to drop Contaminated Holy Water.

This creature must be killed to obtain the Essence of Rift and close the Rift.

All participants life scores and statuses are the same.
All participants receive 2 Holy Water Balls automatically.
If your invenotry is full, you will not receive the Holy Water Balls.
Holy Water ball, Holy Water Bomb and Essence Rift can only be used in the Undead Event.

Participants can obtain Holy Water Balls through the following method:
Purchase from [Apprentice Priest] Constantine for 1 million Noah. (You can carry up to 4)
Holy Water Balls are a high damage item used for a single target.
Contaminated Residents will likely die when you throw it at them.

Through the [Apprentice Priest] Constantine you can obtain 4 Holy Water Balls and 1 Holy Water Bomb item for 1 million coins.
(You can carry up to 2 more Water Bombs)

The Holy Water Bombs allows you to attack the area effectively.
When the Knights are killed during the event, the walking speed is decreased and becomes the undead.
Twisted Moradon Stalker cannot be killed.
The players who die as the Undead are removed from the event.
Only 100 players can participate in the event.
The Participants are not eligible to win a prize at the end of the event if they are in the safe zone.
Players who are inactive during the event will be teleported to the Moradon area.
If your inventory is full, you won't receive the rewards. Make sure to have enough inventory space when participating.
Archers MUST remove their bow from their hands before entering the event.

Good luck Knights!