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14 September
  • [Patch Notes] 14 September 2022
  • Count : 1218

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Twisted Moradon event has started.

* Special Defense Scroll items that you can buy from NPC Aset have been added to the game. These items, which you can get for 30,000,000 Noah, provide 3 defense increases against the weapon type you choose.

* Minerva item sale has started, which you can get for 50,000,000 Noah from NPC Aset!

* Prayer of Priest item is also available for sale via Aset. When the item is purchased from Aset, it gives +55% attack. You can buy it for 30,000,000 Million coins. (Applies to the Priest class.)

* Puzzle event has been started.

* Kitchen Thief event has been started.
- Yellow Spitz creatures in front of Moradon have stolen food supplies! Catch them and deliver 10 food ingredients to [Lunar Lady] Magpie daily.

- With Mysterious Firecracker item that Magpie will give you, you can reveal a random creature and get your reward.
* Haetae - Mugwort Rice Cake, Cactus Rice Cake, Gardinia Rice Cake and Pumpkin Rice Cake
* Yellow Spitz - Stellar Tattoo 1 Day
* Escaped Turkey - Nimbus Tattoo 1 Day
* Leftover Bone - Monster Stone
* Yellow Spitz Owner - Lunar Tattoo 1 Day

** Mysterious Firecracker, Mugwort Rice Cake, Cactus Rice Cake, Gardinia Rice Cake, and Pumpkin Rice Cake items will be deleted when the event ends.

* 18th Anniversary events have ended.

* Daily login event has ended.

* Aset Wing and Tattoo sales event has been ended.

* Adjusted the issue of players who applied early in the BDW event falling into the empty room.

* Fixed the issue where players with very high(16500) mana values were periodically resetting their mana amount.

* Function of using the Mini HP indicator in its old form has been added.

* Find the Spy quest can now be completed without having to collect 4 people. You will receive rewards equal to the amount of spies you collect.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team