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21 September
  • [Patch Notes] 28 September 2022
  • Count : 851

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Lobo Boss will spawn every 3 hours in the Ronark Land Bowl area. (Respawn time may vary randomly forward or backward.)
- The same items drop as the old Lobo boss.

* Images of the creature boxes have been changed.

* Friend request now works with confirmation system.

* With the update, the problems in the PM interface have been edited.

* People you have added to the block list will not be able to send Friendship, Party, Duel and Trade.

* Fixed the issue where Kurian/Portu characters were speeding up with the 'Wall of Iron' ability during the BDW event.

* Name of the Warrior 'Blade Of Hate' skill has been changed to 'Blade Of Heaven'.

* Adjustments have been made for creatures that have problems with the level indicator.

* Event to get the 'I Love Knight Online' emblem for 24 hours has ended. Now, when the emblem is bought, it comes as 4 hours.

* Captcha system has been updated.
- When you have 30 Captcha penalty points, your character will be teleported to the Moradon map and will not be able to switch to the Ronark Land area.
- When you have 30 or more penalty points, the chance of falling coins and items will be reduced by 60%.
- When you have 50 penalty points, the probability of falling coins and items will be reduced by 100%.
(Depending on your criminal situation, items will continue to drop, but the item will not come to your character.)
- 10 minutes after the captcha menu is minimized, it will appear again in its larger form.
- You can reset the penalty amount via Manager Bilbor on the Moradon map. (1 Penalty point resets for 10 million coins.)
- In the case of Gold or higher premium users, CAPTCHA points are deducted in the same way as normal users.

* Adjustments have been made regarding some typos in the game.
- Spelling mistakes during Genie Hammer, Draki/Old Draki Supply, Gauntlets, Boots, Gryphon, Pet, Lillime's Earrings, Buju, Fire Codex, Potion etc.

* Fixed the issue where Stat details were missing in the 'U' section.

* Adjusted for Uruk Hai slot creatures. (They will respawn more messily.)

* The item 'Poison Sack' that drops from the Gray Oozy creature will no longer drop.

Have fun!
NTTGame || Knight Online Team