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18 January
  • [Patch Notes] 18 January 2023
  • Count : 965

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Puzzle Event has started.

* Manes's Arena event has started.

* Changes have been made to some abilities in the Manes' Arena event.
- Hellblade +1 %300 > %200
- Hellblade +2 %350 > %300
- Hellblade +3 %400 > %350
- Hellbalde +4 %500 > %450

- Hoodwink +3 %450 > %350
- Hoodwink +4 %600 > %550

- Blade of Hell +3 %550 > %450
- Blade of Hell +4 %850 > %750

- Beast Hiding +1 %300 > %250
- Beast Hiding +2 %400 > %300
- Beast Hiding +3 %500 > %350
- Beast Hiding +4 %600 > %500

* Manes' Arena event will now start when there is a minimum of 4 players. (Previously, 8 people were required.)

* Minerva item sale has started, which you can get for 50,000,000 Noah from NPC Aset!

* Special Defense Scroll items that you can buy from NPC Aset have been added to the game. These items, which you can get for 30,000,000 Noah, provide 3 defense increases against the weapon type you choose.

* Prayer of Priest item is also available for sale via Aset. When the item is purchased from Aset, it gives +55% attack. You can buy it for 30,000,000 Million coins. (Applies to the Priest class.)

* Twisted Moradon event rewards will now be awarded to players who are in their vicinity.

* An update has been made for the right info menu. (The information of the products sold with Merchant will now appear under the Item tab.)

* Fixed the broken announcement issue in the Lunar War event.

* +9 and +10 versions of unique items will now glow in reverse. (E.g. Eagle Eye item)

* Fixed incorrectly spelled Short Sword Defense bonus on the title as Dagger defense.

* Skill task names have been changed. (Insenbility Guide > 76Lv skill)

* Ronarkland Mithril quest and monsters have been removed.

* BDW Event updates;
- When you stop for a long time in the safe zone, a warning message will appear. You must leave the safe zone within 30 seconds after this message is received. If you don't leave, your character will be teleported to the Moradon area.

- Fixed the issue of earning points after the event ends.
- The use of attack or skill by the opponent player in the safe zone is prevented.
- Adjusted to automatically enter 1 minute respawn time after Altar debuff time expires.

* The problem of being targeted by the opponent player by using the auto-target feature (Z) after using the stealth ability of the Rogue class has been eliminated.

* Some typos have been edited.
- Armor of Destruction - Top> Armor of Destruction
- Green Dragon Amulet > Green Dragon Necklace etc.

* Marble event has ended.

* Twisted Moradon event has ended.

* Aset Hero Wing and Tattoo event has ended.

* New Year's events have ended.

Have Fun,
NTTGame | Knight Online Team