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15 March
  • [Patch Notes] 15 March 2023
  • Count : 1399

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Coin Event! It has been active for 4 weeks.

* Sales of Ibex, Pet Buff SC and Resurrection Scrolls have started in Aset NPC.
- Normally Ibex 70m Crisis can be taken as 105m. (When buying in this way, the pots are tradeable.)
- DC Premium/War Premium can be purchased with ibex 55m and Crisis as 80m. (When buying in this way, the pots are not tradable.)

* Aset 100% Ressurrection Scroll Sale has started. (Can be purchased for 150m coins.)

* Knight Royale event has been active for 4 weeks.

* You can have a chance to win a '7 Days Hellfire Wing ' by killing the 'Soul of the Dark Dragon' creature that will appear on the Eslant map. (The creature respawns every 9 hours.)
- Players around you will get 3 Polluted Holy Water items.

* The sale of the item 'Dragon Scale' on PUS has been stopped.

* Fixed the issue where the Weight was not updated visually when selling to NPC.

* Fixed issue with Clan Ladder point list not being lowered.

* Adjusted the issue where Rogue characters stop and do not attack again after selecting the long-range creature (when using a Minor) while using Genie.

* The problem of pulling Portu/Kurian class to Safe area with Pull ability has been prevented in Juraid Mountain event.

* Some typos have been edited.
- Blood of Crazy Warrior > Blood of Berserk
- Book of Wisdom (Flame) > Book of Wisdom (Fire)
- Secret Port Guntlet > Secret Port Gauntlets
- Secret Mage Glove > Secret Mage Gloves

* The character with active stun effect is prevented from using 'Monster Stone' or changing region.

* The Full Moon Rift Event has ended.

* The Wheel of Fortune event has ended.

* Aset Pathos Gloves and Buff Scroll sales event has ended.

* Valentine's day events have ended.

Have Fun,
NTTGame | Knight Online Team