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25 September
  • Ronark Land Blitz Wars Started!
  • Count : 873

Hello everyone,

You can win event rewards by entering a special ranking with the enemies you kill and the Ladder points you earn in the Blitz wars that start at 14.00, 22.00 and 02.00 Server time on the Ronark Land map.

The event duration is 30 minutes for each event hour, and the race with the most kills is determined as the winner of the event.

When Blitz Wars starts, you will see a message in the chat window and in the announcement section informing you that the event has started.

When the 30-minute event period ends, the winning and losing race players are rewarded according to the percentile in your ranking.

Reward Ranking Winner Race Loser Race
Paper Potion Top 10% 10 10
20% 9 9
30% 8 8
40% 7 7
50% 6 6
60% 5 5
70% 4 4
80% 3 3
Other 81 - 100% 1 1
Achievement Top 30% or more 1 Achievement count 1 Achievement count

To follow your ranking, you can access the Blitz War ranking table by pressing the 'ALT' key during the event.

To see which percentile you are in, you can look at the percentile next to your name in the Blitz Wars ranking table.
What you need to do to move up the rankings is very simple, go after the enemies and kill them.

If you want to look at the normal ranking of the Ronark Land map other than the blitz war, you can press the green arrow button at the top of the blitz war ranking table.

After the event starts, you will automatically see a section where you can see the blitz counter and score status under the life and mana value window in the upper left corner.

In order to receive the event reward, you must be in the game and have free space in your inventory.
You will randomly receive one of three different paper pots as an event reward.

Paper Pot and Ronark Land Commander Achievement

The paper pots you can obtain as rewards will change your character's appearance for a minute, making you look like paper.
Paper Potion I Paper Potion II Paper Potion III

Our players who manage to get into the top 30% of the Ronark Land Blitz Wars event once will earn the Ronarkland Commander achievement.

When used as a Ronarkland Commander title, it provides 100 Defense to your character.

Have fun!
NTTGame | Knight Online Team