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03 January
  • High Score | Damage and Party Board
  • Count : 2910

High Score System
When you enter a certain area, you will be greeted with the High Score interface at the top of the screen!
- In this interface, you can follow your information including Score, High Score and levels.
- The High Score interface is colored blue for Priest classes and red for the remaining classes.
- Once a certain score is reached, the stage level increases and a notification appears in the middle of your screen.
- If the last Score you reached is more than your High Score, your High Score will be updated instantly.
- Score points are reset daily, High Score points are reset weekly.
- To change the interface settings of the High Score system, you can determine the font size with Game option2 -> Score Font Size in the F10 Menu.

War Board System
A new window has been added that will be active in events and where you can track the damage ranking among participants.
- The system will be active in Chaos, Juraid Mountain, Forgotten Temple and BDW events.
- War Board windows will be active in Chaos, Juraid Mountain, Forgotten Temple, Border Defense War, Ultima's Dungeon, Arena of Manes and Lord of Chaos events.
- You need to press the '~' key to open the War Board window. When you press the same button again, War board will close.
- Damage/Healing windows have been added to the system separately. The user interface opens again with the last active window.
- War Board renews itself every 5 seconds.
- 20 people are viewed per page.
- To go to the first page, you need to press the 'TOP' button at the bottom.
- War Board - Has Ranking, Clan, Class, damage/healing, character name and gauge percentage values.
- The system displays the user with the highest damage or healing amount as 100% and displays the remaining users' damage or healing amount as a percentage.
- The color of the indicator is displayed in different colors for each class and your indicator is highlighted with a blinking effect.
- In the Juraid Mountain and BDW war, a separate War Board is opened for each group.

Party War Board
* Party War Board system has been added to the game.
- A party battle table system has been added to the game, allowing you to control the status of damage dealt on a party basis.
- Based on the HP/MP of the party interface, your level is calculated by comparing it with the user with the highest damage/healing in the party. It is expressed as a percentage.
- It is recorded from the moment you join the party and is reset as soon as you leave the party.
- Party Warboard resets every hour.
- With the green marked button, you can switch between bars where you can see the damage and healing amounts at the bottom of the party members' mini bars.
- Mini Party Battle Board shows damage and healing amounts in separate tables.
- You can open the Mini Party Battle Board with the button marked in red.
NTTGame | Knight Online Team