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15 April
  • [Patch Notes] 15 April 2024
  • Count : 1566

Hail Knights,

During this server maintenance;

* Daily Login event has started. (April 15 - May 8)

* Manes Survivor event has started. (April 15 - May 8)

* Special Defense Scroll items that you can purchase from NPC Aset have been added to the game. These items, which you can buy for 30,000,000 Noah, provide a 5 defense increase against the weapon type you choose.

* The sale of Minerva items, which you can buy from NPC Aset for 50,000,000 Noah, has started!

* Prayer of Priest item is also available for sale through Aset. When the item is purchased from Aset, it gives +55% attack. You can buy it for 30,000,000 Noah. (Applies to Priest class.)

* The I Love Knight Online event has ended and the rewards have been sent to the qualifying players. The 'Character Delete Scroll' item will be deleted via letter on May 8.
- To use the item, you need to go to [Fortune Teller] Mekin NPC.
- To use the item, you need to open the 'Character Delete' menu.
- After you approve, you can enter the menu with your VIP key password.
- In the window that appears, you need to select the character you want to delete.
- After adding the item, you can accept the last menu section and delete the character.

- Character Delete Scroll item is single use.
- Characters that are in prison, have a 10 JR penalty, are in a Clan, or are a king cannot be deleted.
- The name of the deleted character cannot be retrieved in a different character.

* Akara's Altar 'I love Knight Online' event has started.
- Accounts that received the 'I love Knight Online' emblem 20 times or more between April 15, 2024 and May 8, 2024 will receive the non-tradeable 'Equipment View Item' on May 8, 2024. (The sent e-mail will be deleted via Letter on June 5, 2024.)
*Details of this item will be added later.

* The Weed event has started. (April 15 - May 8)
- If you kill the 'Wild Grass' event creatures in front of the entrance of Moradon and take 10 of the 'Wild Grass' items that will drop from them to the [Lunar Lady] Magpie NPC, she will give you 4 rice cakes as a gift.
Mugwort Rice Cake Attack 5%
Cactus Rice Cake Defense +40
Pumpkin Rice Cake NP +4
Gardenia Rice Cake HP +250
-Rice Cake items will be deleted at the end of the event.

* Giant Worm Event (April 16 - May 8) - You can kill the giant worm that will appear every 8 hours on the Eslant map.

- When the Giant Worm is killed, it will give EXP reward to the players around it.
- The first 7 people/party to hit the Giant Worm will give 50 NP according to the damage they cause.
- Players who attack the Giant Earthworm will be able to earn the 'Certificate of Defeating a Slightly Large Earthworm' item. You can exchange this item from [Lunar Lady] Magpie NPC and get a random reward.

Mugwort Rice Cake 3 Pieces
Cactus Rice Cake 3 Pieces
Pumpkin Rice Cake 3 Pieces
Gardenia Rice Cake 3 Pieces
Genie Hammer 30 Pieces
Oreads Voucher 7 days
Ibex Potion 25 Pieces
Crisis Potion 25 Pieces
Lunar Tattoo Voucher 7 Days

-Rice Cake items will be deleted at the end of the event.

* You can get these rewards once by completing the Growing Seedlings quest from [Lunar Lady] Magpie NPC.
Gem of EXP 10 pieces
Gem of DEF 10 pieces
Gem of Life 10 pieces
Hell Fire Wing 7 Days

* CZ 50 kill mission has been extended until April 24.

* The location of the Whisper off button has been changed.

* The issue where items with 0 durability value become 0 durability again when the creature is attacked after being repaired on the NPC has been fixed.

* DirectX updates;
- The issue where textures appeared intermittently in low quality has been fixed.
- The issue where Clan signs on the cloak were not visible depending on the viewing angle has been fixed.
- The abnormal appearance problem in Launcher Options settings has been fixed.
- Fixed the issue where wheel of fortune event rewards appeared in a square shape when using D9.
- The problem of night hours being too dark has been fixed.

* Changes related to FX;
- The visual problem in the FX of the clan armband has been fixed.

* The Ultima Dungeon event has ended.

* Dark Dragon event has ended.

* Coin event has ended.

* Aset Battlefield Hero's Wing and Lunar Tattoo sales event has ended.

Have Fun,
NTTGame | Knight Online Team