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25 October
  • Scary Halloween Events
  • Count : 789

Hello to everyone,

Collect gifts and scare your friends with spooky Halloween events! Halloween events will be with you for four weeks.

Good Day for Fortune Telling

Event Type: Monster Hunt, Material Delivery - Repeatable.
Duration: 4 Weeks
Related NPC: [Eslant Wanderer] Fortune Teller (Moradon, 836, 656)

During the Event, Fortune Teller has a special mission to give you. Protecting your castles from spirits!

- After taking the quest, you must hunt the Spirit of Ancient Heros located in front of El Morad and Luferson castles.
- To kill the souls, it will be enough to do a simple attack 'R'.

You can get your mask by delivering five of these fragments to Jack O Lantern (Moradon, 804,602).

Trick or Treat?

Activity Type: Creature Hunt, Material Delivery – Daily
Event Duration: 4 Weeks
Related NPC: [Ghost Chef] (Moradon 866 586)

There is a special mission that Ghost Chef will give you daily during the Event.

- After talking to Ghost Chef and taking the quest, you need to kill the Pumpkin Lantern creatures in front of the Moradon exit and collect 5 of the Ember Candle item.
- To kill creatures, you need to use the item 'Fork', which is sold in Merchant NPCs.
- Rewards for delivering Ember Candle items to Ghost Chef;
* x5 Weapon Enchant Scroll - Pumpkin Flavor Dark Chocolate
* x5 Armor Enchant Scrolls - Pumpkin Flavored Jelly

Put the Pumpkin Mask On!

Event Type:Item Use, Material Delivery - Repeatable.
Duration: 4 Weeks
Related NPC: [Jack O Lantern] (Moradon, 804, 602)

During the event, you can take as many Pumpkin Masks as you want from Jack O Lantern.

You can use this mask by putting it in your skill bar and gain +2 NP for 5 minutes.

After using the five masks you took, you can go to Jack O Lantern to get three pieces of 'The order for Halloween' and 'Halloween Spear' fragment.

The order for Halloween item will turn your character into a pumpkin for half an hour.

The Giant Halloween Pumpkin has appeared!

During the Event, you must kill the Giant pumpkin creature that will appear in front of the EMC and Luferson castles. Or terrible creatures will invade the whole region!

[Event] Halloween Pumpkin - When the creature is killed, it will spawn [Event] Cernunnos creature. When that creature is killed, the last creature, Cruach, will appear.

* Each of the bosses gives 2.560.050 EXP to a level 80 character.
* When Cruach is killed, a 30-Day Event Emblem Voucher item is released from his box.

*Items obtained as part of Halloween will be deleted at the end of the event.

NTT Game | Knight Online Team