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20 February
  • Show us Your Warface!
  • Count : 8985

Hail Knights!

With the Arrival of Facescan you can finally make your character truly own. And this means a chance at great prizes!


Event Date
2/28/19 - 3/14/19 (2 weeks)
Winners Announced on Stream 3/15.

Event Details
Take a screenshot of your Facescanned Character doing something Fearsome, Silly, or otherwise grand ingame! Show us the face you wear to war. Be creative!

How to Enter
There are two ways to enter!
1. Upload your picture to your Instagram, and tag #KnightOnline and #Knightbecomesme to enter!
2. Post your screenshot to our Discord Event channel for the Show Us Your Warface event.

One winner will be chosen from both Instagram and Discord Entries.
You can enter using both methods for 2 Chances to win! (only one winner per account)

Winners will Recieve
15 Days Switching Premium
3 Knight Genie Packs

But wait, there's more!

GM Photobombing

Event Date
2/28/19 - 3/7/19 (1 week)
Winners Announced on Stream 3/8

Event Details
The Knight GM's are hidden ingame, you may not know their names, but you know their faces. Find the GM's in-game by their FaceScan faces. They will be hanging out somewhere in Moradon.

Take a screenshot of your own facescan character standing next to the GM, and submit it to the GM photobomb event channel in Discord in order to be entered into the prize drawing. Winner will be chosen at random from all entrants!

Winner will receive
15 Day Switching Premium
2x Premium HP Pot
2x Premium MP Pot
Pathos Package