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13 December
  • Power Up Madness! End of Year Celebration!
  • Win amazing prizes before the year ends!
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03 December
  • Santa's Shakedown
  • Join the Chilling Adventures of the Adonis Continent!
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26 November
  • The Level Up Challenge
  • Come join the GMs as they explore the Adonis Continent!
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06 November
  • New Thanksgiving Packages!
  • Get these packages before they disappear! An unbeatable deal available for a limited time!
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31 October
  • The Feastival Challenges!
  • Join these exciting events for a chance to win amazing prizes!
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12 March
  • Bifrost Unleashed!
  • Powerful changes are happening within Bifrost!
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27 February
  • New Phone Authentication System
  • Details about our new phone verification system for new accounts!
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22 November
  • Payment Resolution Guide
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16 November
  • New Account Security Feature!
  • Now your Knight Online account is more secure!
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